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Cayin iHA-6 - US Tour and reviews

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by project86, Feb 7, 2016.
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  1. grizzlybeast
    I wonder how the ha1a mk2 sounds?

    What tubes do they use? Is there a thread?
  2. project86 Contributor
    It's very different than the iHA-6. I've got one here to mess with and just last night was rolling tubes. It uses 12AU7's on the input stage and EL84's for driver tubes, plus a single 12DT5 for rectification. Stock sound is somewhat lush, euphonic, forgiving and fun if somewhat laid back and lacking ultimate resolution. Midrange is particularly nice, more engaging than the matter-of-fact iHA-6 with its neutral presentation. 
    Stock tubes are "Cayin" branded 12AU7 which aren't great, and basic Electro-Harmonix EL84 which are surprisingly decent in this application. I swapped them both out for some vintage glass from Amperex, Sylvania, etc and it made a big difference. The stock rectifier tube is a NOS Tung Sol which is supposedly very nice - 12DT5 is not a common tube and I don't have another to swap it out, so I'm glad Cayin included something decent.
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  3. whitelocust
    Any word on where someone can actually buy this thing?
  4. exsomnis
    I got mine off of taobao.com via a Taobao agent. Cheaper than the bandied about 999 dollar price tag too.
  5. grizzlybeast
    I could do that but it would be the wrong power rating. 
  6. Andykong

    I just posted on #90:

    The nearest we got right now is Canada, the first shipment of iDAC-6/iHA-6 is on the way already.
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  7. exsomnis

    Your Taobao agent should be able to put in the request for the right voltage.

    Of course, warranty claims are probably next to non-existent this way but that would be what the extra $350 is for with a proper dealer.
  8. project86 Contributor
    Not that I necessarily recommend taking the Taobao route (it has ups and downs for sure) but I do need to point out the Cayin DAC and amp both have voltage selection switches around back. So this particular concern is a non-issue. 
  9. grizzlybeast
    Oh yea thats true. Forgot about that. 
  10. exsomnis

    It would be worth keeping in mind that there is a 220V version that doesn't have a voltage selection switch, such as the one that I have.
  11. Andykong

    John has an early version that has the voltage selection switch, we have to get rid of the voltage switch in order to fulfill the latest safety requirements in Mainland China. As a result of that, all 220V version were build at fixed voltage. We plan to change the 110V version as well, just not sure whether that has been implemented in the production line.

    So if you are not buying from local, please make sure are you buying the correct voltage version.

    I don't think the TB shops can request for 110V version, Cayin simply won't supply 110V to the resellers in our domestic market.
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  12. exsomnis

    That's too bad for the 110v market then. Cayin should have more distributors/dealers outside of China.
  13. Andykong

    We are looking forward to that too, the market is slow and shops are reluctant to try out new brands.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  14. exsomnis
    It's sad but true. Headphones are a huge multi-billion dollar market but audiophile amps and gear are still a tiny portion of that. Our local dealers here refuse to keep any stock of high ticket audiophile gear - even though they advertise themselves as being authorised dealers for the big head-fi audiophile brands, including Cayin.  
    Which is why I ordered my IHA-6 from China - if I was going to wait the same or longer amount of time to buy through a local dealer, I might as well get it myself and for a discount against what they're selling it for. 
  15. tassardar
    Where I'm from, cayin products are common. The issue lies is trust. If people trust your product , they will buy. Dealers are just afraid to bring no names as the trust value is Low and the worst thing is a device that never moves after you get sizable stock.

    My local dealer for example carries the amp and not the dac. I bought his first set after testing . So to really get dealers to carry them, first you need to build trust in consumer especially when there's like so many alternatives. In fact if I didn't get to test this amp, I may have gotten a Auralic Taurus since its readily available and the brand is much more well known.
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