Cayin iHA-6 - US Tour and reviews

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by project86, Feb 7, 2016.
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  1. mtmercer
    Can you provide any comparison info to other sub 1k SS amps such as Jot, Matrix HPA-3b, AGD NFB-1, or Cavalli LC? I searched this thread but I could not find much comparison info.
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  2. SilverEars
    Sorry, I haven't done direct comparisons, but it is under rated and not known due to branding not well recognized. I wasn't so impressed with the Jot. I heard the iha-6 at a meet and it sounded pretty good which raised my interest.

    Based on this experience, I look forward to any future tours Cayin provides to try out their products.
  3. mtmercer
    I am interested in this amp so I did a google search to look into buying it. The authorized U.S. distributors do not come up but wrong region/no warranty/non authorized sellers do come up. I went ahead and read this entire thread to hear all the impressions and ran across multiple clarifications regarding the power supply voltage designation and who is an authorized distributor in the US. This is really important info clarified well in this thread but a little bit buried at this point.

    @project86, If you have a chance, I think it would be good to add the regional operating voltage info and out of region seller (which likely will come up 1st in a search) vs authorized distributor info as a public service announcement on the initial post. Cheers!
  4. Andykong
    MusicTeck is the our authorized dealer in US:
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  5. Andykong
    And when you change your gear up-stream, the iHA-6 will let you hear the different instantly. So it sounds good, and its fun. :beerchug:
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  6. Andykong
    We had organised an US tour previously and that was iDAC-6 and IHA-6 combo, I have a lot of complaint on the logistic cost, I don't blame them because in the worst case, someone had paid US$80 to ship the package to next reviewer.

    I can organise a solo tour on iHA-6 again, but we need to work out a new plan otherwise it won't lead to a win-win tour. I'll consider any suggestion.
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  7. project86 Contributor

    Good idea, will do!
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  8. alphanumerix1
    Thank you for posting the power output info that has sealed and deal for me and will be purchasing the iha6 thank you.
  9. Levanter
    I am hoping for a MK2 version that has a pre-amp feature and a matte black chassis :)
  10. wadi
    + lower output impedance for single ended output.
  11. aaxa
    Does anyone know how the IHA-6 is powered? (Class A, Class D etc.) I've already got it standing on my desk, but that's pretty much the only spec I don't know about it :)
    By the way, I'm quite impressed with the IHA-6. Probably one of the best balanced headphone amps for its pricerange.
  12. Andykong
    Sorry, completely tied up by year end report and 2018 planning + budget, couldn't respond to questions and sharing as usual.

    Just a quick note, iHA-6 is operated in Class AB.
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  13. SilverEars
    Understandable. Perhaps that was the worst case senario going from west coast to east?

    If we can get interest up of all those interested, we can sequence the unit to move coast to coast moving from individual to the next in the closest distance to each other. Also, we can just tour the iha-6 only to reduce weight.

    Perhaps somebody can chime in on the most optimally priced shipping option with signature.
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  14. Andykong
    Actually, there is one possibility. We'll attend CanJam NYC in Feb 2018, I can assign one iHA-6 show demo-unit for US tour again. This is what I have in mind:

    (1) The tour will be city-based. If a city can gathered at least three HeadFier as tour reviewers, then the city is in the tour.
    (2) The tour unit will travel inside the city at minimum logistic cost (delivery to next reviewer in most cases)
    (3) At the end of the city tour, the tour unit will send to another city, and the cost will be shared by all reviewers in previous city.
    (4) I believe the shipping cost will be $40 cost-to-cost, so if we have several cities signed up the tour, we should be able to control the cost to $30 or below. If this is shared by three reviewer, that would be $10 each and this is affordable.
    (5) Base on previous practice, each reviewer can keep the tour unit for about 10 days.

    Because we are going to start the show after CanJam NYC, so lets start at the East cost this time, and ideally, New York + New Jersey is the ideal city to kick start the tour - i.e., if we can gather enough reviewer to join the tour.

    For details of previous tour, please refer to the following links:

    Last but not least, please be prepared to share your opinion and/or experience when you join a tour. You can either write a formal review in the HeadGear section, or share your 3-lines impression in this thread, or you can simply participate in the discussion in general. The reason for Cayin to sponsor a tour is to arouse contribution and interaction, and the last thing we want is SILENT. For the record, the previous iHA-6 tour starts off as a Portland + Seattle city tour before we kick start the official US tour, and at the last leg of the US tour, we send the unit to Toronto for a the GTA meet and then a Toronto city tour. The whole tour has lasted for almost 1 year, and we have passed the tour unit to over 25 reviewers. We have to write off the tour sample ( iDAC-6 and iHA-6) after we recollected them, but at the end of the day, we have TWO reviews in the Head Gear and a few pages of discussion in this thread. I sincerely hope that we can do much better then this if we were to organize a tour again.
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  15. SilverEars
    Definately a way to do it, and for those that are distanced too far away and cannot meet the minimum of 3 participants, perhaps giving them the option of being responsible for full shipping costs for shipping off to the next participant(s). In order for them to participate, they'd have to agree on the requirements to be met which would include being responsible for whatever cost the shipping to the next participant should be.

    It's great that you guys are providing more exposure of your equipment, and people should duely write something and provide some participation so that others can be more informed of the product.

    This kind of effort provides a more reliable perspective on impressions as it's more of a random samples of impressions than minorities of review websites.
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