Cayin iHA-6 - US Tour and reviews

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by project86, Feb 7, 2016.
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  1. SilverEars
    Hello. Has the tour stopped? Is there a current US distributor that allows audition to make a determination? I'm interested in the iha-6 amp.
  2. Andykong
  3. Andykong
    Just verified that AudioMagic has imported two sets of iDAC-6/iHA-6 from us on Dec 2015,

    So my information is incorrect, I apologize.

    I am still trying to track down how many sets like these has been sold to public back in 2015. It is tough when I was told that my previous in-house information is incorrect, I'll make sure we do better then this in the future.

    But I don't believe this version of iHA-6 is still available in December 2017, so for those who are planning to purchase iHA-6 now, please understand the risk if they were to buy from China and "expect" there will be a voltage switch on the back.
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  4. hufnall
    Sorry, I have last question, because I don't understand everything very well. Bought I not for official - sale version? Version for test and to certify?
    I didn't buy it in China, I bought at Poland Distributor.
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  5. Zadok
    Just got my IHA-6 in the mail today. Just to preface, I had been thinking about getting rid of my LCD3 because it just wasn't doing it for me... until I plugged them into this amp. This Cayin versus my Schiit Lyr is no contest. Review coming soon after more time spent, but it definitely gave new life to the LCD3 for me.
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  6. Andykong
    Don't worry, your iDAC6 and iHA6 are legitimate, as I said previously, my information was incorrect and I apology for my misinformation.

    You can enjoy your Cayin set for a long time without worrying about this.

    I was trying to get a set like this few months ago because a headphone brand want to acquire them for show demo, and they need dual voltage in order to bring it around worldwide, I was hoping we still have one or two sets in our inventory, no luck for me, so you are having a rare set indeed.
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  7. Andykong
    Wow, that's a very good start, can't wait to read your full review. I am sure that will be an interesting read.

    The iHA-6 is indeed under-rated, maybe its too small in size (yes, size does matter), maybe it priced too low (couldn't draw the attention), or maybe because it is not wearing a big name badge, but I have yet to meet an unhappy iHA-6 customer so far. I have people coming back to me requesting improvement on iDAC-6 and iDAP-6, but not with iHA-6. Well, the only comment we received is whether we can come out with an iHA-8 later at double the price and yet maintain the same competitive edge at its class, that says a lot for something that has been in the market for two years already.
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  8. carlcs

    enjoying mine so far. Definitely a bang for your buck product.
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  9. hufnall
    I have the question tu users iDAC-6 from Windows 10, (XP).


    After repeated installing TUSB Audio Class Driver 1.61.0


    And I still have 4 channels.

    Have you also 4 channels instead 2?

    If the numbers 44,1Hz is on the screen still? There is written on the screen: 44,1kHz independently of the choice (the button Source) OPTICAL, COAXIAL, AES/EBU, USB AUDIO in the course when cables are not connected with sockets: OPTICAL, COAXIAL, AES/EBU, USB AUDIO. (There are no this numbers in function USB AUDIO after 10sek - when I listen a music with USB).

    I care about quick answers, please, because my warranty is topical only a few days.
  10. Andykong
    The iHA-6 is a very versatile headphone amplifier because there a lot of options available to users, and you'll almost certainly find the ideal setting for your headphone.

    For instance, Cayin has provided some basic measurements at 32ohm loading to illustrate the power rating of iHA-6. The complete story is actually a lot more complicated then that. Upon request of several users, Cayin has decided to disclose the full details of power rating measurements at different setting and loading. If you read these carefully, you'll be amazed by the comprehensive options and capability inside that 10 sq. inches footprint.
    iHA-6 Power Rating.jpg
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  11. wadi
    If single ended output had a lower output impedance then iha-6 would be ultimate solution for most people.
  12. Andykong
    We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Special appreciation to every participant and subscriber of this thread for your patient and positive attitude to Cayin and our product.

    As a relatively new comers to the HeadFi community, Cayin owns you all a big thank.

    We are looking forward to continue the sound journey with you in 2018.

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  13. Andykong

    Best Desktop Solid State Amp 2017: Cayin iHA-6

    I reviewed both the iHA-6 and iDAC-6 as a system back in August of this year and they are marvelous together but I had a very special feeling about the iHA-6 and come the end of 2017 I have not changed my mind.

    If I hunt around I can see the iHA-6 selling now for $699 and that is an absolute bargain for a very powerful and accomplished desktop headphone amp. Perhaps better value than the Gungnir, one of my all-time favorites.

    This is a very refined solid state amp with both balanced, unbalanced, high and low impedance factoring and a host of inputs worthy of a headphone amp at a much higher price. It is not that big either and very well put together.

    Most importantly its very transparent and DAC changes are reflected in the sound which I just love. The dynamic range and power output of 7W balanced are just perfect for beefy planar cans such as the #Susvara and #HE6 but at the same time, it is nuanced enough to cope even with IEMs. I have more expensive amps but the iHA-6 gets the most use on a daily basis and for a very good reason.

    Marcus @ Headfonics

    Please click below for more detail:

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  14. marcusd
    Thanks Andy - a well-deserved award :ksc75smile:
  15. SilverEars
    I will admit, it sounded pretty good Andy.
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