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Cayin iHA-6 - US Tour and reviews

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by project86, Feb 7, 2016.
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  1. Andykong

    I stacked my iDAC-6 and iHA-6 and run them in long hours, they are reliable so far, but I always put the iDAC-6 on top because it is hotter then the iHA-6, the tube is a heat source inevitably.:D

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  2. project86 Contributor
    I'm not Andy (obviously) but I can speak to stacking - I keep the (warm running) iDAC-6 on top of the iHA-6 all the time. It's fine, the amp gets warm but not hot. And this is with the very hot iDAC-6 on top, so I imagine most any other device stacked on there also would be fine. 
    By the way, the signup for US Review Tour is almost closing. Get your "application" in if you haven't already done so. I warn you though, be ready to buy it once you experience it for yourself!
  3. rudra
    Thanks. wanted to make sure I could stack my darkvoice 336se on it. the wait is unbearable 
  4. Andykong

    The Darkvoice 336se weighted around 12 lb and will not cover up the iHA-6 completely like the iDAC-6, so stacking them probably is OK, but the form factor might be problem though. The Darkvoice 336se measured at 14.9 (D) x 9.8 x 7.8 inches, but the iHA-6 footprint is around 10" square, so the 14.9" deep chassis probably will be a problem.
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  5. Andykong

    Thanks for the good words, I have received numerous request from other countries asking for a tour now, Canada will probably take off after we complete the US tour, and there are openings in UK/EC as wells, I believe your review in InnerFidelity is the major reason for the respond we have this round, lets hope we can take advantage of this tour and start to do some ice breaking work. :beerchug:
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  6. rudra
    The amp got delivered today. Initial impression 
    1.  Build quality is good. I wish they would have bevelled the edges. They are bit sharp for my taste [​IMG]
    2. The manual needs to be updated to reflect the fact there is no voltage selector switch. No biggie.
    3. No warranty card was inside the box even though the manual said there should be one.
    4. Tried to do a quick listen on my Beyer and Sen. The Cayin is connected to the Audio GD DAC balanced.
    5. Since this is my first SS amp I have no other SS amps to compared. Using the SE compared to the DV I feel that that the DV has more punch and sound stage( considering that I have had the DV for about 4 years, I may be used to the sound. I run a Tungsol VT-231 and a RCA 6AS7G tube). I also need to work out what filter on the DAC is in synergy with the Cayin.
    I hope to spend more time with the amp listening to different genres of music that I usually listen and hope to provide an update in about 4 weeks time. I am also waiting on my balanced cable to arrive for the HD650 that I have ordered from @PETEREK
    Please note that I am not a professional reviewer and this are just my opinions. YMMV[​IMG] 
  7. EvenR
    I'm curious about what an unboxing looks like. I haven't seen any of the new Cayin stack. 
    As i'm considering buying the Cayin stack from China, i'd also like to know how well it's packaged. 
  8. rudra
    Sorry I didn't take any photos. It was well packaged. If you were considering  buying from China I would suggest they double box it just to be on the safer side.
  9. EvenR
    Has anyone heard the Sennheiser HDVA600/HDVD800 and can share some impressions in comparison to the Cayin iHA-6?
    I'll be pairing the amp with an HD800S.
  10. project86 Contributor
    I personally don't care for the Senn devices. They are ok, nothing special, and not worth the money imho. I'll take the Cayin any day, especially when the iHA/iDAC stack is very similarly priced to the HDVD800.
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  11. EvenR
    I've heard that the dac of the HDVD800 is not as good as the amp part, so i'll definitely get an upgrade there and i'm sure the iDAC is quite a lot better judging from the reviews of both.
    Is it just the dac that's making the HDVD800 lack behind, or would there be a noticeable improvement when switching from the HDVD800's amp to the iHA-6 in your opinion? 
  12. rudra
    Is it ok to connect both SE and Balanced  HP at the same time. Nothing is mentioned in the manual.
  13. grizzlybeast
    yes sir 
    There is a slight loss of fidelity but it works fine. 
  14. rudra
    Thanks mate!
  15. EvenR
    Looks like i'll have my Cayin stack on Monday. Sold my HDVD800 to get it. It better be worth it.
    I will pair it up with HD800S and post some impressions later.
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