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Cayin iDAP-6 - versatile new desktop transport

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. burdie
    DLNA Test update - Jriver Media Center 23 with media network enabled, DSD over DLNA with bitstream set to DoPE compliant renderer
    1st, for BubbleUpnp app to discover Cayin IDAP-6 as renderer, I need to 'off' DLNA then 'on' it again. Which mean last session even set DLNA to 'ON', it will not appear as renderer on next session even the DLNA option set to 'ON' on previous session. Each session need to manually off then on the DLNA setting, this bug should be easy to settle
    This time loading DSF is very fast, IDAP-6 received the signal almost immediately. Playing/pushing full iso file will take few seconds, probably 2 - 3 seconds to start playing. However, even with setting on bitstream, BubbleUpnp will show the track info as wav, 24/176, IDAP-6 display also 24/176. BUT surprisingly my DAC (i2s) decode the incoming signal from IDAP-6 as 1xDSD (DSD64). I don't know what happen here.
    Out of curiosity i try to play DST (mute volume 1st in preparation for hiss) iso file, BubbleUpnp pick it up but IDAP-6 took more than 5 seconds to receive and process the incoming signal or advance to next track, both showing 24/176. and my DAC is picking up the signal, display as 1xDSD(DSD64) with SOUND, DST is PLAYABLE. Can't believe it, i tried 2 more DST encoded iso, all with same result, 24/176 and playable. Please refer to the attached photo if you don't believe it. 1 photo taken on foobar clearly showing the iso was in DST, same album push to IDAP-6.
    @Andykong able to replicate it and confirm that it works? as I am not sure how Jriver did it, especially signal to IDAP-6 in 24/176 but to DAC become DoP DSD, and DST somehow Jriver converted DST to compatible signal to IDAP-6.
    IMG-20171206-WA0103.jpg IMG-20171206-WA0104.jpg IMG-20171206-WA0106.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2017
  2. project86 Contributor
    I'm just trying to catch up on this thread. I have to say, while using the iDAP-6 primarily for local playback (SD Card, USB sticks, and SSD in portable enclosure) I find it very reliable. Sorry to hear about network issues folks are encountering - if you keep documenting them clearly, seems like Cayin is doing their best to work it out.

    That said - I swapped out my early prototype unit for a newer production model and it fixed the issue I had with I2S playback using a PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC. I knew the Stellar DAC sounded best via I2S as I often pair it with a Matrix X-SPDIF 2. The iDAP-6 is right up there on the same level in terms of SQ.... definitely the best choice in this particular instance. I still have to test my Wyred 4 Sound DAC for compatibility but I suspect it will be fine on this production version of the iDAP-6.

    Speaking of gapless playback - I'm using HiByLink for remote control via Bluetooth, and gapless is flawless (again, while playing local files). Just went through Dark Side of the Moon SACD RIP (in DSF format) and it was just as it should be. Was someone saying HiByLink causes issues with gapless? Because that's not what I'm experiencing.
  3. piorasz
    I have to confirm that using HibyLink everything works smoothly. The speed of action is amazing. Scrolling, searching for songs works really fast. Of course, Gapless also works as it should. I'm just missing displaying covers while searching the library. Generally, I connected my entire library directly to iDAP-6.

    No gapless through DLNA I feel when listening to Tidal (Bubbleupnp). If there was any other way to play Tidal ... it was perfect.
  4. burdie
    Just to update that IDAP-6 support 4tb external (in single drive) hdd in ntfs format.
    using the usb volt meter, the reading for front usb port with 4tb seagate portable usb 3.0 is 5.02v 520ma, using the rear usb port the reading is 4.8v 440ma and the usb 3.0 drive was detected.
  5. project86 Contributor
    Nice, thanks for posting.

    The only 4TB drive I tried so far did not work.... but now that I think about it, the one I tried is a Seagate Backup Plus "Fast" edition which actually uses dual 2TB drives in RAID 0 for improved performance. Probably not a standard load to work with.

    I will try some others and report back.
  6. burdie
    Hibymusic for ios just got an update few days ago, now it supported hibylink. I managed to connect cayin idap-6 but browse folder see the c: and e: drive. Go in there see nothing but cayin started to play. I then go to album to scan music database (my local 4tb seagate portable slim hdd) and it scanned and added about 8000+ songs. Go to song lists can see a lots of songs there, hibylink able to control the playback, next track etc. but when go to album or artists it started to pop up message saying something like fetching info (somehow this meesage appear in chinese font but hibylink menu etc all in english. It took very long time to fetch info (may be too many songs inside) until i out of patient and closed the app.
    Hibylink on ios now is working, but i still cannot see the cloud icon that suppose to browse NAS drive
  7. Andykong
    Announcement of Cayin iDAP-6 Firmware v1.2


    iDAP-6 v1,2 Firmware Header.jpg

    New Functions and System Optimization
    1. Enhance HiByLink to connect with iOS version HiByMusic App.
    2. Other Enhancement
    Cayin iDAP-6 Firmware Upgrade
    • Each version of firmware might contain minor different, consumer please decide on your own accord whether you need to update the firmware of your iDAP-6 Network Player.
    • Under normal circumstances, firmware upgrade will not cause any damage to user information, but Cayin cannot exclude the possibility of upgrade failure due to mal-operation or any other reason. For these reasons, we strongly suggest you remove all storage device connected to the network player before you perform firmware upgrade.
    • The iDAP-6 firmware cannot be used in other product, and the firmware from other product cannot be used in iDAP-6
    Firmware Upgrade Procedure
    1. For safety reason, please make sure the iDAP-6 will not power off during firmware upgrade process
    2. Download the latest firmware from Cayin website (www.cayin.cn). The firmware package should be downloaded as iDAP-6 V1.2.zip
    3. Decompress and copy the iDAP-6 firmware file (update.upt) into the root directory of a SD card.
    4. Insert the SD card into iDAP-6 and select System Upgrade under System Setting Menu
    5. Select System Upgrade in the submenu, the system will complete the upgrade process automatically, and reboot the player after update is completed.
    6. When the upgrade is completed, you can verify the current firmware version number by selecting “About Player” option under “System Setting” menu,
    Note: iDAP-6 can support FAT/FAT32/exFAT/NTFS formatted TF card during the firmware upgrade process.

    • Do not operate the machine during firmware upgrade
    • Please delete/remove the firmware file from the SD card after firmware upgrade
    • Please update your Music Library after firmware upgrade
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  8. Mr.Jones
    Still cosmetic changes ? For all looking good working device with connecting external clocks look at new D300 unit from another company.
    After returning my iDAP I was ordering from China new D300 player.
  9. Andykong
    Great, you have managed to get in front of me in checking of HiByLink in iOS, that is a strong indication that we have a very dedicated user on board. :beerchug::beerchug:

    We are still working on other enhancement and optimization as well. We don't normally issue firmware that often but the iOS HiByLink is the most demanding feature by a lot of users, so we decided to pull the trigger and roll it out as soon as HiBy Music get their green light on iOS App Store.

    I do suggest you upgrade the firmware of your iDAP-6, there are minor enhancements that are too trivial to list.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  10. Andykong
    I assume you are referring to Soundaware D300

    I was a D100Pro deluxe user since early 2015, they are certainly one of the best brand in network player in China. and probably the most experience brand dedicated to this application. Back in 2013/2014, there aren't that many choice available and Soundaware was one of the more outstanding name at that time.

    This is a user-orientated forum, so user benefit rules, so you don't need to avoid the name of competitors. I think we should welcome alternatives and options in HeadFi forum. :beerchug::beerchug:
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  11. piorasz
    66CA9E86-6864-4FA4-A51A-F60806AE46D4.png 4E54E41F-10E0-4995-ADD4-B18A5E029B21.png After updating to version 1.2 on my iphone 6 (11.1.2) using HibyLink, I have the following problems:
    1. Chinese subtitles appear when searching the library.
    2. Album covers are incorrectly displayed on the iPhone 6 screen (wrong resolution).
  12. burdie
    The process to fetch data (chinese characters) take very long? Last night I faced problem on this part as it looks like stuck there or still fetching for very long time until I forced close it. but that time my IDAP-6 still on firmware 1.1.
  13. burdie
    hohoho, just happen that my ipad got few apps to update and I saw the Hibymusic also got new version. So just updated it and try on IDAP-6 running 1.1.
  14. piorasz
    The search process takes a few seconds. In my version 1.1, I did not want to connect with HibyLink at all.
  15. burdie
    no luck on ios even updated to firmware 1.2. After scan the library, Hibylink will show very long list of individual audio title. Goto Album or Artists message pop up on fetching data (the chinese characters) and Hibylink just stuck there fetching..... I then use the IDAP-6 itself to play songs from library and the now playing song on Hibylink will changed to the song i choose from IDAP-6 itself, but still cannot control from Hibylink as it is still fetching... After almost 30 minutes Hibylink still fetching data so i decided to forced close the app and relaunch the app, go to folder there will see C: drive but going inside see no folders. Goto albums artist the annoying message pop up and did nothing.
    Closed the app on ios, launch the app from my android phone, and my phone connected to Cayin almost instantly. Goto folder, see C: drive there, go in there can see all the folders inside my external HDD. Go to Album or artists, no annoying fetching message, everything is there. Closed the android app, go to ios app, connected to IDAP-6, errors repeat.
    Last night the external HDD is about 8k plus songs, today i used smaller HDD but contain 5k plus songs... but since android based Hibylink no problem in seeing them, it should be the problem with IOS version.
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