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Cayin iDAP-6 - versatile new desktop transport

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. uncola
    Weird the singxer su1 worked with my gain cell dac over i2s
  2. project86 Contributor
    Well, this Gain Cell DAC is a review loaner, and it looks like a standard production version, but I can't be sure. It does work with I2S via SU-1 or Matrix X-SPDIF 2, so I know it's capable. Just need to figure out how to get it taking to the iDAP-6.
  3. piorasz
    I have recently been owned by Cayin iDAP-6. I have a few comments. Playing by DLNA does not work gapless. It's a big nuisance. Second, the Mac address (WLAN Mac) every time I turn off the device is different. This does not give you the ability to save a fixed IP on the router.
    There would also be an application dedicated to the device. As we know, Hiby does not give us access to NAS. I suggest that this app be paid if there is a cost problem.

    It's so much of my comments. There are a few more but later on.

    Sorry for my english language.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2017
  4. Andykong
    I'll test the gapless support on NAS music file and come back to you later.

    Regarding the second question, is there any reason that you need to save a fixed IP on the router? Have you tried to fix the MAC and IP from the router instead of the iDAP-6? Please check the DHCP option of your router, you should be able to assign a fixed IP to iDAP-6 from that end. I don't know the detail of your router, I have provided a link to do this in Asus router, the technique should be similar in other brand of Router.

    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  5. piorasz
    Almost every time I turn off idap-6 and get a new ip address I have to disable and enable the "dlna” idap-6 option as bubbleupnp does not recognize the device as a rendener. My router is the Netgear R6250.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2017
  6. piorasz
    And is there any chance of a dedicated application?
  7. Andykong
    We don't have any plan to develop a dedicated application for iDAP-6.
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  8. Andykong
    I don't recall iDAP-6 support DLAN apps like Bubbleupnp as a Renderer, I need to double check that. Will come back to you in a few days time (after my short break).

    But is this the reason behind your request to lock up the IP of iDAP-6?
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  9. piorasz
    No. When paying $ 800 for such a device, you can not compete because despite the fact that Cayin shades, the reliability of the other iDAP-6 products is probably a toy (?) And has a lot of mistakes. I have to say that it works well but the functionality is on a kindergarten level and a lot of you need to change to start talking about competition. Raspberry Pi is 100 years ahead in terms of functionality. Please first show that iDAP-6 is coming to the competition because it is not. Please fix the basic bugs I requested.
  10. project86 Contributor
    Not sure I understand all of your post, but the gist seems to be

    A) you find the iDAP-6 less than satisfying due to your connectivity issues, and...
    B) you feel we should be talking about the competition instead.

    Did I get that right?

    Honestly, if an RPi does what you want, I'd go with that instead. There are certainly things a Pi 3 can do which the iDAP-6 doesn't do as well, or what never intended to do in the first place. On the other hand, for simple file playback from a portable HD or USB drive or SD card, the iDAP-6 is without peer in terms of SQ. That includes the SoundAware models priced in the same bracket.
  11. burdie
    I used RPI 3 before and I faced some problem on its 'functionality', such as forever updating music library (few PRI dedicated music server/player), i2s output limitation etc, then I switch to windows based player, adding few devices and try to improve SQ. but i still believe streamer/transport like IDAP-6 should be more convenience, specialize and provide better SQ, so I ordered it. (Hopefully it arrive this week, was told by dealer that it was stuck at custom clearance..)
    Back to the remote control appz, what Hiby link lacking now is NAS browsing, but that is the feature suppose to be include/improve by hiby, not Cayin. Probably Cayin can help to push Hiby on that?
  12. piorasz
    We will wait patiently for correcting errors. Mostly about DLNA's gapless playing and control via an application with all functions. After these corrections we can discuss the competition.
  13. PitBul34
    You can controll your local media, include 3x USB and SD card, your NAS and cloud streaming (Tidal, Qobuz etc.) by Bubble upnp software, same way as Soundaware does.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  14. piorasz
    Yes. But it does not work gapless (iDAP-6). Try to listen to Pink Floyd "The Wall" without gapless.
  15. PitBul34
    Try to enable (or disable) gapless in Bubble upnp settitgs.
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