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Cayin iDAP-6 - versatile new desktop transport

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. 3ggerhappy
    @Andykong any plans to have Roon Support/Roon Ready for future software updates? Or support from streaming services like Tidal or SPotify?
  2. Andykong
    iDAP-6 is a System on Chip (SoC) implementation based on X1000 MCU, the system is not Roon ready, and it does not support third party application nor has appropriate source code for Tidal or Spotify. To use streaming servicewitj iDAP-6, you can stream Spotify or Tidal from a mobile device via DLNA or Airplay.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  3. PitBul34
    Ok, GOT IT from Audiogarden.FR here in Russia today !!! Thank you!

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  4. francesco2003
    Hi sir, I use Pontus too.

    Can you use I2s via HDMI connection?

  5. PitBul34
    Yes, but read my review please.

    So, my first impression, pro and contra.

    1. Build quality - 4,5 stars from 5 (it looks like Yulong DA09 DAC).
    + Full metal chassis, build like a tank.
    + SD-card and USB OTG-1 inputs on the front pannel (under the nice cover, fixed by magnets)
    - Rubber on the feets is very hard and unit can be moved by pressing the control jog\shuttle.

    2. Screen - 4 stars from 5.
    + Very good sharp and bright color screen.
    - No touch sensor.

    3. Menu - 5 stars from 5
    + It looks good.
    + It very easy to understand.
    + It very easy to navigate and control by jog\shuttle and "return\back" knob.

    4. DLNA - 3 4,5 stars from 5.
    + Easy recognising of NAS and easy access
    - Every time asking NAS login, does not remember it (or I don't understand how to save it).
    Revision: First press Enter on virtual keypad and next press OK and IDAP-6 will save your login for this session.
    - Can not play HiRes files (PCM above 24-96 and DSD) via WiFi, Ethernet connection only.
    Revision: Connect Ethernet and switch WiFi On and all plays Ok.

    5. Bluetooth - 5 stars from 5
    + Easy Bluetooth streaming in both directions (f.e. from iDAP-6 to wireless earphones or speakers or your Radio-station from smartphone to iDAP-6).
    + Bluetooth remote controllers are supported (I use Fiio RM1).

    6. HibyLink - 2 3 stars from 5
    + Easy connected with smartphone, you can controll via HibyLink all your local media, connected to the SD-card slot or USB OTG-1,2,3 ports.
    - HibyLink implemented in iDAP-6 can not controll your local cloud. So, if your music stored on your NAS you can not controll it via HibyLink.
    - Can not play HiRes files (PCM above 24-96 and DSD) via HibyLink implemented in iDAP-6.
    Revision: Connect Ethernet and switch WiFi On and all plays Ok.

    7. Work with Bubble UPNP
    - 3 5 stars from 5
    + Tidal, Qobuz etc. streaming is possible.
    - Bubble UPNP does not recognize Cayin IDAP-6 render in Ethernet connection mode. Bubble recognize it only in WiFi mode.
    Revision: Connect Ethernet and switch WiFi On and all works OK.
    - Can not play HiRes files (PCM above 24-96 and DSD) via Bubble UPNP.
    Revision: Connect Ethernet and switch WiFi On and all plays Ok.

    8. I2S
    - 2,5 stars from 5.
    + I2S works pretty good with my Denafrips 'Pontus' DAC (PC Audio I2S standard) but in PCM-mode only.
    - Does not work in DSD mode.

    9. Gapless playback
    - 5 stars, works good.

    10. Sound -
    I'll rate it after burn-in period.
    First impression - very nice getnle high resolution sound.

    I forgot about USB Out. 11. USB output mode - 5 stars, works pretty good with my Denafrips 'Pontus' DAC.

    @Cayin developers. Please, do something with HiRes and DSD wireless playback via WiFi, it seems there are a software problems with it. Please repair I2S DSD output too. This IDAP-6 is one of the best sounding device on the market in price range up to $1500-$2000. But software problems is annoying!
    Revision: Please repair HibyLink Local Cloud mode and DSD via I2S.

    4de05b028211cfe0453148240f09e6cef3c51c8b.jpg 5a7716795b8b363a27d270abd1ecfe1952ad7e04.jpg 25c195c7af20af7af58c2c3d17ea5173586233fb.jpg 46eb25dbabe5905398480d77294e3494c5707f2e.jpg 86a39627fe9f1850c22173ab48a1b73df0745bd4.jpg 276a718a8318d663e43fccb320dd5b67659d587d.jpg 3255efa6644faefc6cbc6eabfcbebf81f05166cd.jpg 32616a74e3cfb7f25792da43e32bb16c5ed29bba.jpg cb6cb600ee903aaf772b84a5d4ca7b781594059b.jpg cc004fd2abd90ec0e4635ba9a8b22f9cf78f37d0.jpg cd83835be7655f240eced786367796b6ca122107.jpg df732ba5a9d8e88b647ce548114c1cc2a60caf2b.jpg eb94452524e5ff3980c46dbeaaa740d64119d539.jpg ee8443a478d6bf053ec06b345b65eee40673ef30.jpg f56aab49eec7109824bc6acf7bb02a23ff3d61fd.jpg f444a95f86a288b9270d575c2818d73bceeb8529.jpg
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2017
  6. krell1967
    Hi PitBul34,
    I read that IDAP6 has i2s pinout in PS Audio mode, Pontus should have i2s pinout in Gustard mode like Terminator or do I miss something?
  7. rafabro
    It make sens. Use SU-1 between Denafrips and Cayjin to resolve I2S compatibility issue and DSD will play.
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  8. krell1967
    IDAP6 is useful to connect directly in i2s with dacs have this input, like Terminator or Pontus. I am not sure that Pontus have i2s pinout like PS Audio mode but I am sure that Terminator have i2s input in Gustard mode, that is different from PS Audio mode.
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  9. PitBul34
  10. PitBul34
    Unfortunatelly, I2S switching mode seems to work on the new Pontus devices (since 15 sept 2017) only. Does not work on my earlier Pontus :frowning2:
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2017
  11. project86 Contributor
    Thank you for your impressions - good stuff. A few points of my own to add to yours:

    *I generally use a SD card or USB drive for simple playback. Finally got around to connecting a LAN cable and accessing my NAS. It's quite fast and essentially feels just like using local storage. However, as you said, it doesn't save the login info, which seems counter-intuitive. I'd like to see that fixed in a future firmware.

    *USB output seems to work great with every DAC I've tried EXCEPT the Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2v2SE 10th Anniversary Edition. Which is odd, as I believe they use the new XMOS XU208 just like Singxer SU-1 and Matrix X-SPDIF 2. I have both of those on hand and both work fine via USB out from the iDAP-6. Weird.

    *I don't have any problem with the feet sliding around. But I use a somewhat rough-textured base, so perhaps that helps. The unit does have some heft to it which should help it stay planted.

    *I2S output works with the PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC, and sounds exceptional.... but no DSD in that case. It also works with the Matrix X-SPDIF 2, but again, no DSD seems to come through. I2S does NOT work with the Wyred Anniversary DAC at all though. Unfortunately I loaned out my Singxer SU-1 before I remembered to try DSD, so I can't speak to that but I kind of suspect it won't work either, until we get a firmware update. Just speculation though. That's all the devices I have which could possibly accept I2S over HDMI, so I can't do any further testing.

    Overall I still feel like I haven't scratched the surface of what the iDAP-6 can really do. I haven't connected via Bluetooth or used HibyLink as a remote. I haven't done any Airplay streaming, or tried BubbleUPnP for streaming apps. Honestly I'm pretty content just using the "basics" like SD cards, USB drives, and the occasional portable USB hard drive (FAT32, 2TB or less). After messing with so many USB tweaks and external power supplies it feels kind of good just to get back to basics and play files directly.

    The iDAP-6 has SQ up there with some of the best transports I've heard, especially when using AES and even more so using I2S. If they can get the DSD aspect sorted, this thing should become quite popular considering the sonic performance for the money.
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  12. burdie
    Spoke to Alvin of Denafrips international dealer, the old pontus doesn't have i2s mode selection, and the i2s pinout (both old and new revision) is different to PS Audio, which BCK and MLCK are inverted.
    Pin 4 and 6 on PS audio are BCK + and BCK - respectively, but Pontus have BCK + on pin 6 and BCK - on pin 4
    Pin 10 and 12 on PS audio are MCLK + and MCLK - respectively, but Pontus have MCLK + on pin 12 and MCLK - on pin 10
    I think you can terminate a hdmi custom cable, one end followed PS Audio format and the other end just reverse BCK and MCLK.
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  13. PitBul34
    Some tests after 48 hrs of burn-in time. All three samples was recorded live in my room by Tascam DR-05 digital recorder, lossless, 24-96, wav.

    Sample #1 Cayin IDAP-6 >--USB output---> Denafrips Pontus DAC

    Sample #2 Cayin IDAP-6 >--I2S output---> Denafrips Pontus DAC

    Sample #3 Cayin IDAP-6 >--S\PDIF BNC-to-BNC output---> Denafrips Pontus DAC
  14. PitBul34
  15. project86 Contributor
    Really wish these companies would decide on a standard for I2S.

    Unless there's some compelling reason to choose something else, let's just go with the PS Audio solution as they seem to be the biggest company involved. Plus they do I2S inputs on their DACs as well as I2S outputs on their transports - nobody else handles both sides like that (though Cayin will join those ranks next year with an I2S capable DAC). Can't imagine anyone sells more units than PS Audio, so let's just call that the standard and go from there.

    Wishful thinking I suppose.
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