Cayin iDAP-6 - versatile new desktop transport

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. mock-up
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  2. Besdomny
    thanks for the interesting review and details. Since there is a Cayin representative available I have a question: I have a DAC-11 from Cayin and a Tube Amp from Cayin as well. I'd like to know if the USB-out of the DAC-11 is working with the IDAP-6?
    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work. I love my devices!
  3. Andykong
    I assume you want to find out if USB-out of iDAP-6 is working with DAC-11?

    Yes, it should, but please be reminded that the digital capability of DAC-11 is limited to 24Bit/192kHz and it won't support DSD.
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  4. Besdomny
    Thanks a lot for the quick reply.
    Yes, sorry I mixed that up. I know but it still would be a nice addition to my setup. :)
  5. Andykong
    But if you are not going for DSD or hi-res beyond 24/192, maybe Coaxial is a better choice between iDAP-6 and DAC-11.
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  6. Besdomny
    Thanks, I will keep this in mind.
  7. JMR77
    Great news it's finally available, and nice first ongoing review, looking forward to learn more. It seems this player is at least as good as the iDac and iAmp.

    How can you play Spotify or Tidal through the iDap?
  8. francesco2003
    Hi sirs,

    I wanna change my music server, I have had aurender, auralic, daphile pc based and so on.

    I've had a lot of .iso from sacd, and I've read that iDap-6 can read them.

    What is the software does it use?

    Can I connect my denafrip Pontus to hdmi input?

    Can I use spidf to hear .iso and dsd?

    Ho can I use Tidal? Can I use Roon?

  9. Andykong
    A very interesting Factory Visit, I confessed that I only go through the pictures, but my colleagues has told me some detail of the visit, so I know a bit more than that.

    Its kind of interesting to see my colleagues showing up on a Russia article. I have show the photo to them and they thank you for bring the friendship all the way to Russia. :beerchug:
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  10. Andykong
    Well, it is as good as the iDAC-6 for sure, but where is the iAmp coming from? :beyersmile:

    Yes, for the record, it is as good as the iHA-6 too.

    The iDAP-6 does not have streaming app built in, so you need to stream the audio from a mobile device if you want to listen to streaming source on iDAP-6. Airplay probably is the easy way out and it sounds OK in my experience. The other option is to use DLNA app with built-in streaming service support, I use BubbleUPnP for that purpose, and they offer a decent selection of streaming or cloud music options under their "Cloud" menu, so you can play the streaming content on the app and DLNA the playback to iDAP-6.

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  11. Andykong
    The iDAP-6 can read SACD-ISO directly, it will extracted the ISO into individual track. Be reminded that the player does not support compressed DSD format, so sorry if your DIFF or SACD-ISO files are DST encoded.

    Once the individual tracks are extracted, they can be played like any other DSD files, so it will work with all digital output of iDAP-6, be it S/PSIF or USB or I2S.

    iDAP-6 does not required any additional software to handle the SACD-ISO, the codes are build inside machines.

    iDAP-6 is not Roon-ready. For detail of using Tidal or other streaming service, please refer to my suggestion in previous post (immediately before this reply)

    I2S digital output on HDMI is not an industrial standard, there are several implementation of I2S over HDMI available on the market, We can't guarantee compatibility We follows the PS Audio pin-out and so far we have confirmed that iDAP-6 ican works with several PS Audio DAC on PCM format, DSD is still a no-go on iDAP-6 to PS Audio right now and we can working on this, we hope this can be resolved through a firmware upgrade.
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  12. PitBul34
    Ok, iDAP-6 is in stock today. And shipped it to me immediatelly. Now the parcel is on the way, thanks!
    audiogarden05en.jpg audiogarden04en.jpg
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  13. uncola
    Neat to see how i2s over hdmi is proliferating. Thy just have to lock down a standard pinout. The i2s input on my ps audio dac is noticeably better than both usb and spdif
  14. burdie
    Any comparison on iDAP-6 and PC+Singxer SU-1/Matrix X-SPDIF 2, in term of SQ...

    Recently bought a I2S capable DAC and thinking to add DDC or change the whole source with product like iDAP-6
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  15. Andykong
    The I2S should sound better if executed correctly because we they have clock signal embedded, so the jitter of the Transport + DAC combo is significantly reduced.

    The secret probably is more then just getting the pin-out right, there are control issues such as how to eliminate the pop sound during start up or changing file format, and we are trying to improve the DSD support between PS Audio DAC and iDAP-6 right now.
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