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Cayin iDAP-6 - versatile new desktop transport

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Oct 1, 2017.
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  1. Andykong
    The firmware are identical, we don't have multiple firmware version with iDAP-6, I was referred to the international version firmware notice only. if you have download it already, you can apply it to your iDAP-6
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  2. HK_sends
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  3. HK_sends
    I'm out of town for a bit. Any word on whether the new 2.0 firmware fixed anyone's "issues" (like failing to remember NAS logins and such)...?
    Curious to hear from users.

    -HK sends
  4. burdie
    NAS login still like before, unable to save login info.
    However, on the second set that help friend to buy, unable to see any network drive, even though IDAP-6 is connect to same network, via wireless or wired. After selecting Local Area Network Music to search for NAS, it just does nothing and pop up message "Please check network availability". Same problem reported in Cayin official forum at tieba.baidu.com
  5. piorasz
    Another nothing correct. Why does not Ethernet work with the new firmware ?! I do not want to use WiFi !!
  6. huangkang
    I updated last night and found nothing changed. I still can't login to my PC, in network browser I saw my PC. After I typed the user name and password it said wrong user name and password. I am an IT tech and I can confirm I typed it correctly.
  7. piorasz

    New Functions and System Optimization

    1. Add new “scheduled power off” and “idle shutdown” modes.

    2. Support Opus Codec upto 16bit/48kHz

    3. Optimize music info displayed on main playback screen

    4. Rectify reverse channel when playback first track of DSD files under I2S connection.

    5. Rectify the incorrect storage capacity bug of OTG1,2,3 when displayed on HiByLink device.

    6. Other bugs fix and enhancements

    What can I say as idap-6.
    This is a mockery !! In the latest software, we get unnecessary gadgets for everyone + disable LAN. What about users who do not want to use WiFi? Unfortunately, once again, the people responsible for the development of idap-6 show how unprofessional the customer's approach is!
    Firmware version 2.0 does not repair the reported problems for several months.
  8. piorasz
    Ethernet works. My mistakes. Sorry.
  9. burdie
    My own set works on either wired or wireless connection.
    But the other set that I help friend to buy having problem on wireless or wired connection. You can see the little icon on top right indicates that there is wired or wireless connection. However, when searching Local Network Music, it says check network availability.
  10. HK_sends
    Did you try your friend's unit on your network? If your unit is working on your network and your friend's doesn't work on your network, then the unit may be bad.
    Hope that helps...
    -HK sends
  11. Andykong
    Happy Chinese New Year

    This is a special time for family reunion, so we are taking a break to travel all the way back home.

    Thank you very much for all the support we have received. May the New Year brings happiness and prosperity to you and your family.

    Our office will close from 11th to 25th February, and we'll resume duty on 26th February 2018.

    2018 Chinese New Year.jpg
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    HK_sends likes this.
  12. Andykong
    Did you test both units int he same network? it is very strange to have two iDAP-6 but having different result on the same network. If this happens on a WIFI connection, I'll suspect the antenna (or the internal wiring that connect the antenna to the PCB) is not working correctly, but if the problem appears on the RJ45 Ethernet cable as well, that I can't figure out a reason to explain that.
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  13. burdie
    the second unit already at New Zealand, so i can't test it on my network. However, his Aurender can access the same network/nas, but not on IDAP-6.
    The problem is after select 'local area network music', and push the dial, it suppose go to sub menu 'search for server', but this second set stuck at the same 'local area network music' memu, after a while pop up message of 'check network availability'.
    Will it be software related? as the router able to see Cayin connected to the same network via either wireless or wired, so i assume network module is good. Just that the system can't advance to next sub menu to search for music server.
  14. hemtmaker
    Does it support both 110V and 220V universally?
  15. zolkis
    This looks like a winner:
    - LPS with toroid, Femto clocks, clean HW design, well screened
    - all digital outputs one might need: USB, I2S (!), AES, coax, optical
    - nice inputs as well, including SD-card (!), external HDD, Ethernet/ DLNA, aptX, streaming services
    - control app via Bluetooth
    - big display (I hope the selector works fine, a touch display would have been nicer)
    - fair price (the nearest competitor is the Aries at double the price, and it still profits from better PSU).

    - I assume it uses linear regulators as well?
    - is there a list about which DLNA servers and control points are supported (e.g. phone apps like Lumin, Kazoo, BubbleUpnp etc)?
    - what is the best sounding way to feed wav files? SD card? HDD? Ethernet/DLNA/NAS?
    - when switching SD cards (e.g. 200-256 GB ones), how fast the index is built? Are the databases created in the iDAP (since there is screen/selector) and also in the device running the control app? Are the databases persistent even if the medium is switched (like SD cards or HDDs)?
    - is Spotify supported via Spotify Connect?
    - is Roon-support possible/planned via FW updates?
    - any upcoming magazine reviews in Europe?

    Since the Aries I've been looking for something similar but also with I2S output and possibly with screen like the Cambridge 851N or the Naim Unity Atom. Voila! Cayin has done it, again.
    Not to speak about the industry-leading presence and connection level with customers via these forums. Congratulations!
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