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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. nmatheis Contributor
    I've been eyeing that case, too @JaeYoon :wink:
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  2. davidcotton
    How is Neutron on the i5? Had a fiio x5iii and returned it (twice, I might add!). Still looking for a decent step up from the sony a35 that I'm using atm and it's really only the lack of gapless on the i5 that made me not consider it.
  3. Creeepy
    I contacted the developers of the Neutron. They did several test versions for our DAP. But none of them could provide HI-RES 24/192 ... Here is their final answer:

  4. JaeYoon
    That sucks guys for real. Sorry neutron will not be able to implement it.

    Luckily for me, 16/44 is max I'm willing to listen to. Cd quality is at my hearings limit.

    For those of you who need 24 bit hi res. Thats a letdown.
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  5. Brooko Contributor
    Seems to be pretty stable
    Seems to work pretty well on the i5. Has both gapless and replay gain - so thats enough reason for me to use it over the Hiby interface. Also has some nice DSP tools which are quite cool for widening staging.
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  6. bluedolphin
    Why does Cayin i5 Hibyplayer dont allow Short songs.
    I now have a full Live album where first track is 0:57 thats the preludium with opening music
    it should be the whole album.

    This happen with ALL music i transfer if the song is under 1 minute long.
    it only happen in Hibyplayer not in Neutron and poweramp.

    After i have transfered song to Cayin i5, i go into hibyplayer and check the album
    what do i see first song of the album dont show up, is there i know is there
    because it show up in Poweramp and Neutron
    And is NOT that is not properly tagged is because is under 1 minute long

    Is there a way around this?

    I dont like album to always start on song nr.2
    This is not aceptable for me.
    I like to get help on this
    thank you

    Please try it yourself try to transfer songs under 1 minute
    and see that it wont show up in hibymusic
    it must be the first song on the album
  7. frost15
    Easily fixable by going to scan options. There is an option there to make Hiby Scan any track with less than 60 seconds too.
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  8. bluedolphin
    thanks could you be more specific under music scan in hibymusic i have 2 option scan all and scan specified folder there is not this under 60 seconds option
    then i have music settings in hiby but there i dont see it
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2017
  9. bluedolphin
    Frost15 Thank you very much
    i found it now

    is in hibymusic under music scan
    i didnt see at first the little wheel at top i clicked on it
    and disabled this
    skipped music files under 60 seconds.

    It was turned on by default to skip songs under 60 seconds (it is better that is disabled by default)

    Now all my songs under 60 seconds show up in All albums
    What a Joy

    Thank you
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  10. JaeYoon
    Using i5 naked until my leather case comes in.
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  11. smy1
    Which Empire line up is that?
  12. JaeYoon
    Athena V-III
  13. smy1
    me too. I got the Athena Adel MAM
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  14. JaeYoon
    :D yay!!! I can say it's rare to find another athena wearer!!!

    I was told by Jackpot the Athena is way too close to Zeus. Just musicality and warmth.

    I didn't think it was worth for me to spend 2 grand on Zeus. I think Athena is a seriously great deal for it's price. Zeus is worth definitely for those who want every last ounce that can be squeezed out of Empire Ears and are willing throw another 1.5k+ for a very small upgrade in technicality and upper ranges. Very intense critical listening needed.
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2017
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  15. smy1
    Some guy said the Athena is better then the Zeus to his ears and also i think the mids are better on the Athena then the Zeus.
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