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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. PinkyPowers
    Ah. Mine powers itself down randomly. Very annoying.
  2. professor55
    Thanks Soundtrap!
    Now my second question, is it normal when you play an MP3 at 192kbps 16 bit, with the eq set to custom, then play a flac file, 24 bit, the volume lowers as if a preset eq was running, until you open the eq page, then it goes back to the previous volume? Can I not listen to hi-res files using the custom setting?
  3. professor55
    I have not had this problem with my machine.
  4. archigius
    Hi, i'm interested in buying this DAP, and i've seen many old reviews telling that "the ability to use an external DAC will be added in future firmware updates".
    So is this feature working with the last firmware?
    I might use the i5 with a MoJo.
  5. Soundtrap
    Not sure about that one. Some time ago, when discussion about lossy and lossless was all the rage, I remember reading somewhere that lossy recordings tend to sound brighter and a touch louder than lossless, due to processing and intention to compensate for the part of the sound spectrum that has been lost during conversion. When I've compared, say 160-192Kps files versus lossless or some DSD files, that was exact impression I've had. So maybe, that is the thing that you are hearing. Try to just relax and enjoy lush sound that this baby outputs and maybe you won't even notice small changes between files? Maybe someone else can chime in on this one. All I can add is that I am still on Fw 2.0 and don't feel any desire to upgrade. Maybe this version of Fw introduced some new quirks?
  6. nmatheis Contributor

    I think that should be a user defined option. I'd prefer that none of my DAPs ever start playing on their own. I want to be in control of when they play, so I'd set it to always start in pause mode.

    Never happened to me. Not even once. Would a factory reset help?

    If someone else doesn't check that, I'll try to do it soon and let you know.
  7. smy1

    Mine also crashes but it happens if I try and load a folder to quick.
  8. BartSimpson1976
    True, depends on your preferences. But it should be possible somehow. It's a bit unlogical that the DAP goes into pause when you remove your earphones but it will start playing happily
    if you boot it without earphones attached.
    Oh, and as I read replay gain is coming tomorrow for the N3. What about that feature for the i5?
    frost15 likes this.
  9. professor55
    It's definitely a volume increase when I perform the above steps. Did you test this on your i5 using those steps?
  10. professor55
    Here's a video demonstrating this problem.
  11. BrianD19
    Reading recent posts I wonder if these problems are due to fw2.2? I sent mine back due to the volume control problem and unfortunately, I don't recall if all 4 times the volume became inoperative were after I went from fw 2.0'to 2.2. I'm still looking to get another i5 but I'm worried now about fw2.2.

    Q. If on fw 2.2 can you go back to fw2.0 simply by grabbing the .zip file and following the change process described when 'upgrading'?
  12. nmatheis Contributor

    Big thumbs up for ReplayGain for i5!!!
    frost15 likes this.
  13. professor55
    I bought a brand new i5 that still had v2.0 installed and still had the same "volume jump on hi-res files" problem as the other machine running v2.2.
  14. pr0b3r
    I've had my i5 for quite a long time now, with latest fw, and no volume jump has happened even once.  Though the volume pot sometimes doesn't respond, random occurrence only.
  15. professor55
    Thanks for the response. I think it's an eq thing. Maybe most here don't use any eq, but I like just a touch of low(2db) and the same with highs. I'm working around it using the rock setting with a 4db boost on all but the low (31 and 62) and the high(16k) getting 2db boost.
    It's my first real DAP, so maybe that's it. Sounds great now, and no volume jump between hi-res and other files.
    Thanks to all for the help.
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