Cayin CDT-17A cd player
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yes very good. i thought about going for that couple months ago but i chose a shanling cd300 because i got it for a pretty good price, i think

by the way, i'm still using cd15b, also a very good machine
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build quality is excellent. even his little brother cd15b is excellent, both are very similar in build quality. from the reviews i found, most reviewers said with a few mod, cap change(i'm no diy guy so i know nothing about what said) and some tube rolling, cd17 can easily out perform cd players that cost a few times more.
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I own one and it is superb, especially over XLR if you have a fully balanced setup. Build quality is really really good too.

I have modded mine with 4 x Amperex NOS tubes and 6 x OPA627 for output/buffer/filter. I will change the latter however into single-channel HDAM and I will also change the 4 x AD827 in the I/V-conversion stage to other dual-channel OP-amps (HDAM, LM4562 etc).

Modding inspiration can be had from this French audio forum:

Tweakage de la Cayin CDT-17A diapason d'or 2005

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