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Cayin C5DAC USB DAC Headphone Amplifier World Tour --Reviewers Wanted.

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by cayin, May 29, 2015.
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  1. Cayin
    Hello Everyone (Revised on June 19th, 2015)
    We are really appreciated for your sign-up for the review tour of our C5DAC USB DAC portable headphone amplifier not only to the guys who will be lucky to receive our C5DAC but also to those who have missed. It is pity that we cannot offer all of you a chance to do it but please follow our thread and you will get impressions of our amp from the lucky guys.
    Now we want to release the lucky guys for Nortch America first. Considering on the numder of reviwers signed up we decided to pick up 13 head-fiers and have you lined into four groups. We will send one piece of C5DAC to each group. Detail information are as following (Revised due to unconfirmation from JoeDoe, S1rran and Armaegis):
    Group One:
    nmatheis: Portland USA
    Soundsgood to me: Seattle WA USA
    Hakushondaiman: Calgary Canada
    Group Two:
    Cotnijoe: Saint Louis USA
    Netforce: Alhambra, CA, USA
    The Fed: LA, CA, USA
    Chowmein83: Corona, CA, USA
    Group Three:
    money4me247: Fortworth Texas USA
    Avitron142: New York USA
    Hisoundfi: Kenosha, WI USA
    Group Four:
    Joe Doe: Birmingham, AL USA
    S1rran: Houston Texas USA
    Armaegis: Winnipeg Canada
    Above are the lucky list we have picked up. It is also the sequence of our C5DAC tour going. It means we will choose nmatheis, Cotnijoe, money4me247 and Joe Doe as the first persons to receive the review units. Please help check whether you have problems with our arrangment like this. If you have please PM me and let me know. I will try my best to arrange in a way workable for you. If all OK products will be sent out soon after getting your PM confirmation with your shipping address. Each one of your will have a chance to keep the unit for 2 weeks and then you can know genearally when you will receive the unit. It it cannot meet your schedule please let us know and we will adjust accordingly.
    To the head-fier signed up from other areas we will update soon for the lucky list. Once it has been done we will have it listed here. Thanks for your patience.
    Best regards,
    Cayin Team
    Hello Head-fiers, Hello Everyone,
    We are glad to announce our latest new product C5DAC here. It is a portable USB DAC headphone amplifier which can work with Android system smart phones, or PC. Detail information of the model you can check on the following link: http://www.head-fi.org/t/768094/new-portable-cayin-spark-c5-dac-amp-released-may-2015#post_11638533. It will also be our main discussion thread for C5DAC on the head-fi forum.
    As for C5DAC it is our fourth model of Portable HIFI products we have developed after C6, C5 portable headphone amplifier and N6 music player which have gained great interests in the Head-fi community. To whom are interested in knowing more about our company or our products you can check more information about these models. Following are some discussion thread or reviews on them and you can take a look if you want:
    N6 Discussion Thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/740557/cayin-n6-dap-dual-pcm1792-btl-amplication-circuit-24-192-dsd128-sacd-iso
    N6 Review Link: http://www.head-fi.org/products/cayin-n6-pcm1792a-chip-dsd-lossless-music-player
    C5 Discussion Thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/729545/the-new-cayin-c5-portable-power-house
    C5 Review Link: http://www.head-fi.org/products/cayin-c5-portable-hifi-audio-headphone-amplifier
    In order to help you have a preview of our C5DAC we plan to organize a world review tour of it on the Head-Fi community. It is our first time to do so and we hope we can work it out under your help and support.
    Preview application period: June 1st, 2015
    Previewer list announcement: June 15th, 2015
    Beginning of shipment of review unit: before June 18th, 2015
    Please apply for the C5DAC preview world tour by replying to this thread and including the following information in your reply:
    -Your location (City and Country)
    -Headphone(s) you have
    -Music player(s) you have
    -Cayin product(s) you possess (if any)
    -Links to review(s) you have posted (if any) no matter it is on Head-Fi or some others
    -Whether you would like to help organize a Local Cayin product review tour or not
    Shipping info:
    Depending on the geographical region of applied and selected reviewers, Cayin will ship out several C5DACs, one or more to reviewers in each region like USA, Europe, South East Asia or Pacific region, etc. Cayin will pay for shipping to the first reviewer and from the last reviewer back to Cayin for each region.
    Review Period:
    Each selected reviewer can keep the unit for 2 weeks after receiving and you can post your review result on Head-Fi forum and your local Head-FI community if any directly without our advance permission. Meanwhile you can also post your thought or ideas about C5DAC on our main discussion thread listed above and here it is again: http://www.head-fi.org/t/768094/new-portable-cayin-spark-c5-dac-amp-released-may-2015#post_11638533.
    Above is the detail information about our C5DAC tour. If you’ve got any suggestions about it please also let us know by PM us or sending us email via sales01@cayin.cn
    We are really appreciated for your time and look forward to your application.
    Thanks and with best regards,
    Cayin Team
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  2. nmatheis Contributor

    Portland, OR USA

    Apple earbuds & EarPods, Blox M2C, 9wave Studio, Yuin OK2
    IEM: Astrotec AX35, Brainwavz S0, S1 & S5, Dunu DN-1000, Fischer Audio DBA-02 & Eterna v1, Heir 3.Ai s & 4.Ai s, Klipsch S4i, MEElectronics A161, Moshi Vortex, RHA 750MA, Shure E3c, Sunrise Audio Xtreme v2, T-PEOS Altone 200, TTPOD T1-E, Vsonic AN16, VSD2/2S, VSD3/3S & VSD5, Zero Audio Carbo Tenore
    HP: AKG 553, Beyerdynamic DT250 80 Ohm, Denon AH-D1100, Hifiman HE400, Philips L1, Somic EFI-82 MT, SoundMagic HP200

    Music Players:
    DAPS: Fiio X3 & X5, iBasso DX90, iRiver IHP140, iPhone 5s

    Fiio E12A & E12 DIY, Portaphile, M^3

    Cayin Products Owned:
    C5 (sold)

    T-PEOS Altone250 Review
    Fiio X3 2nd Generation Review
    Upcoming: Aune B1, Cayin N6, Fiio X5 2nd-gen, Oppo PM-2

    Help organize tour? - I can help with that.
  3. Cotnijoe
    -Your location (City and Country)
    Saint louis, USA

    -Headphone(s) you have

    -HIFIMAN HE1000 beta
    -HIFIMAN HE560
    -Sennheiser HD650
    -Martin Logan Mikros 90

    In Ear:
    -Earwerkz Supra 2 CIEM
    -Noble 6W Cherry Coke

    -Music player(s) you have
    -Asus Essence III
    -iBasso DX90
    -Apple iPhone 4S 16GB
    -HTC One M8

    Portable amp:
    -Aune B1
    -iBasso D14 Bushmaster

    -Cayin product(s) you possess (if any)
    Currently none

    -Links to review(s) you have posted (if any) no matter it is on Head-Fi or some others



    -Whether you would like to help organize a Local Cayin product review tour or not
  4. nmatheis Contributor
    Well, fancy meeting you here Cotnijoe :wink_face:
  5. Cotnijoe

    Never saw this coming... :p
  6. jjacq
    -Your location (City and Country)
    Miami, Florida USA
    -Headphone(s) you have
    JH13, LCD-X, ATH-IM70
    -Music player(s) you have
    AK100II, HTC One M7, iPhone 6
    -Cayin product(s) you possess (if any)
    Cayin C5
    -Links to review(s) you have posted (if any) no matter it is on Head-Fi or some others
    -Whether you would like to help organize a Local Cayin product review tour or not
    Sure, anything I can do to help.
  7. hakushondaimao
    I would be very interested in participating in this tour.
    - Your location (City and Country):
    Calgary, Canada
    - Headphone(s) you have:
    HP: AKG K7XX, Audio Technica ATH-R70x, Audio Technica ATH-MSR7, Brainwavs HM5, ESS RLM-713, Philips SHP9500, Sennheiser HD-598
    IEM: Audio Technica ATH-CKX9, Brainwavs S0, Denon AH-C751, Havi B3 Pro 1, Noble 6, RHA MA750, Sony XBA-H1, T-Peos Altone 150, T-Peos Altone 200
    - Music player(s) you have:
    Consonance Suzanne, Fiio X3ii, iPod Mini (Flash Mod), iPhone 5S
    - Cayin product(s) you possess (if any):
    Have tried the Cayin N6 and C5, but don't own either... yet! Also started the N5 thread, and am pretty sure THAT product will be on my shopping list as soon as it's released!
    - Links to review(s) you have posted (if any) no matter it is on Head-Fi or some others:
    Audio Technica ATH-R70x: Sonic perfection, right out of the box! (Head-Fi front page)
    Fiio X3 2nd generation: Good Things Come in Small Packages (Head-Fi front page)
    Cayin N6: Quality Sound For Your Big Pocket​
    Aune B1: Class A Portable Amp With Class
    Fiio X5 2nd generation: Fiio Brings Their A-Game Again (Head-Fi front page)
    - Whether you would like to help organize a Local Cayin product review tour or not:
    I'd be happy to set up a Canadian tour, and have already organized a North American tour of the N6.
  8. hakushondaimao
    Fancy seeing BOTH of you here...  [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Netforce
    -Your location (City and Country)
    Alhambra, California USA
    -Headphone(s) you have
    Full Size/On Ear:
    Don Scorpio Dolphin, HiFiMAN HE-400, Koss KSC75, Koss PortaPro, KZ LPS,Onkyo ES-CTI300, Onkyo ES-FC300, Phiaton MS 400, Takstar Pro 80, Ultimate Ears 4000, Velodyne vFree
    Audio Technica ATH-CKM99, Audeo PFE 022, Huawei Honor, Havi B3 Pro I, HiFiMAN RE-300a, HiFiMAN RE-400, KZ DT3, KZ ED3, KZ ES, KZ GR Balanced, KZ Platinum Limited Edition, MEElectronics M6, Noble 4, Ostry KC06, Ostry KC06A, Penon IEMs, Sony MH1C, Sony MH750, Sony XBA-2, SoundMAGIC E30, Soundsoul S-018, SteelSeries Flux, TTPOD T1-E, TTPOD T2, Ultimate Ears 350, Vivo XE800, VJJB K1, Vsonic AN16, Vsonic VSD2S, Vsonic VSD5, Xiaomi Piston 2, Z:ero
    Baldoor E100, Dasetn Mod M1, Dasetn Mod M760, HiFiMAN ES100, TinGo TG-38S
    -Music player(s) you have
    Primarily Fiio x5 and Samsung Galaxy S5
    -Cayin product(s) you possess (if any)
    -Links to review(s) you have posted (if any) no matter it is on Head-Fi or some others
    -Whether you would like to help organize a Local Cayin product review tour or not
  10. nmatheis Contributor

    Welcome Haku!
  11. derGabe
    Arnstadt (Germany)

    IEM: Sennheiser IE80, Ultimate Ear UE900
    HP: Beyerdynamic T1, Oppo-PM3, Shure SRH 440, Sony MDR-Z7

    Music Players:
    DAPS: Ibasso DX90, IPhone 5s, Fiio X5

    Oppo HA2, Cayin C5

    Cayin Products Owned:

    www.derschallhoerer.de (my music review blog in german)

    Help organize tour?
    Sure i will.
  12. gikigill
    Happy to organise the Tour for Australia and New Zealand.

    -Melbourne, Australia.

    -Stax, Sony xba h3, JVC FXZ200, JHAudio JH16, MadDogs, Sony MDR-F1, Sony SA1000,

    -Sony NWZ, Minidisc and Hi-MD.

    -Cayin C5.


    Yes, I am happy to organise a New Zealand and Australia Tour.
  13. getclikinagas
    -Your location (City and Country)
    1. Bangalore, India
    -Headphone(s) you have
    1. Fostex T50RP planar magnetic
    2. HiFiman RE-272
    3. DUNU Titan 1
    4. HiFiman RE-400
    5. Ostry KC06
    6. Signature Acoustics O16 Live
    7. LG Quadbeat 2
    8. Sony MH1C
    9. Vsonic VSD1S
    -Music player(s) you have
    1. Geek Out 450 USB DAC/AMP
    2. Sansa Clip Zip
    3. LG G2
    -Cayin product(s) you possess (if any)
    1. None....yet
    -Links to review(s) you have posted (if any) no matter it is on Head-Fi or some others (http://www.head-fi.org/users/290634/reviews)
    1. Signature Acoustics O-16 Live Review : Setting the Stage
    2. RE-400 Waterline review : Audiophile kill, Budget bullet
    3. VSONIC VSD1S Review: Kaboom for your buck: The all-rounder prodigy
    4. xDuoo X2 : Watch out Sansa!
    -Whether you would like to help organize a Local Cayin product review tour or not
    1. I'd love to organize and co-ordinate a local tour in India. It's about time someone did :)
  14. hakushondaimao

    Thanks for spreading the word, good fella!
  15. bhazard
    -Your location (City and Country)
    Mahopac, NY USA
    -Headphone(s) you have
    AKG 7XX, Takstar Pro 80, many, many more.
    -Music player(s) you have
    PC with Geek Out 1000. USB OTG to Oneplus One
    -Cayin product(s) you possess (if any)
    Used to own the C5. Excellent product
    -Links to review(s) you have posted (if any) no matter it is on Head-Fi or some others
    -Whether you would like to help organize a Local Cayin product review tour or not
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