Cavalli/Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum Power Supply Option


Interested in a Wyred 4 Sound's PS-1 Modular Linear Power Supply customized for the Liquid Platinum?

  1. Yes, count me in...

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  2. Maybe, when I learn more about the unit and its pricing...

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  1. sahmen
    Greetings Liquid Platinum Enthusiasts, and other interested Head-fiers:

    The Good folks at Wyred 4 Sound have indicated that they might be willing to consider building a customized version of their of their PS-1 Modular Linear Power Supply that will match the specs of the Cavalli/Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum. The standard version of the PS-1is pictured below, and its full product profile is available here:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Now being "modular" means that it can come with
    up to 4 different power modules, each with a different voltage in order to service up to 4 different components as desired and requested via each order. The idea I floated is that one of the power modules will be customized to match the specs required for operation with the Liquid platinum (36v, at 1.5A)... The remaining three power modules may then be ordered and customized (or not) per each individual order, and depending on each buyer's preferences. It is, of course, possible to order the unit with just one power module, and then to upgrade it later with additional power modules, if and when needed.

    This is how the folks at Wyred 4 sound describe the modular system of the PS-1:

    "The beauty of the new PS-1 starts with an emphasis on real value: it's modular design allows up to four devices to be powered at once, and they can even be different voltages! The PS-1 has four power zones in back. Each power zone holds a power module. Each power module can be set to one of four voltages (5v, 9v, 12v, 15v) and can power one device. To change the voltage, simply slide out the module, move the internal switch to the new voltage, and slide it back in. The front panel's LED display instantly tells you which zone(s) and voltages are in use. Additional power modules can be purchased as needed, ensuring that now and in the future, you won't have to worry about powering your devices."

    Now this thread is meant to suss out the interest of enthusiasts on this forum in order to find out approximately how many might be interested in a possible group-buy. And that is what the Polling is about : again, to get some idea as to approximately how many enthusiasts might be interested in the power supply. Everything at this stage ought to be taken as hypothetical and tentative, and not involving any actual hard commitments.

    Please indicate your preference in the poll above with confidence, however tentative your interest might be at this point... We're just looking for a rough idea of how many members might be interested.

    Please post any comments you might have about this project below.

    No pricing terms have been discussed as yet, although the base price of the standard version of the PS-1 (without any power modules) is $399. The rest remains to be decided, although one should normally expect the pricing to depend on the number and types of power modules that are to be included in each customized order. I am also assuming it might be possible for us to arrange some kind of deal if enough of us express interest in the idea to make the group buy more appealing to them...

    I am pasting a copy of my initial correspondence with Wyred 4 Sound below for your information (my own name and e-mail address are redacted for security reasons):

    Re_ Form submission from_ Contact Us_Redacted.png
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  2. sahmen
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  3. sahmen
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  4. Zachik
    I would seriously consider it, if I could use it to power my Massdrop LCX (30V / 1.25A) and CTH (28V / 1.25A) amps!
    Similarly, the Monoprice Cavalli Spark (36V / 1.25A)... I just want to get rid of all those annoying wall warts...
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  5. KG Jag
    Looks good. But if the price approaches the cost of the LP, I don't know about the level of serious interest--especially if exact improvements (and levels of them) over stock remain unknown.
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  6. alphanumerix1
    Interested depending on final cost. However being in Australia will this be an issue (different voltage) 230v
  7. alphanumerix1
    Agreed spending close to the price of the lp with the one module Lps would definitely count me out.
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  8. Rayzilla
    Same here and I have a different voltage here in HK too. And would I be able to use this with the Hugo, Pro iCan, Black Label, or somehow the DX200?
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  9. sahmen
    I've been trying to get a Wyred 4 Sound rep on board to address some of the technical and logistical questions that some posters are asking about related issues such as pricing, Non-US voltage requirements, non-USA shipping. Please hang in there.
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  10. sahmen
    Update : EJ Sarmento of Wyred 4 sound thinks it might be possible to "build a price savvy ps for products like this by removing all the variables of our PS-1 and also the expensive parts it requires." He just needs a little more time to sort out the specifics. Will keep you updated of course.

    In the meantime, I have given him the link to this thread, so please feel free to express your concerns and preferences about this unit as you have been doing, Thanks.
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  11. alphanumerix1
    Sounds very promising indeed. thank you!
  12. smallcaps
    I would also be interested in a 230v version if the price was right.

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