Cavalli Liquid Carbon 2nd Run. Brand new, used 15 minutes.
For Sale
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Jan 14, 2016
(With apologies to J. Stoddard...)
So this is your other 2nd run Cavalli Liquid Carbon for sale, right? What's the story again so I don't have to find your other listing?
Sure, I'll tell the story again, and by the way, this posting has better pictures because I did in fact open this box and listen for literally 15 minutes.
After ordering in the spring of 2016 and a summer of waiting, and listening to my speaker system, I realized I'd rather listen to speakers than headphones. And no, I'm not making this up because I bought a Jotunheim and like it better.
Why did you buy it then? Didn't you listen to it?
Frankly I bought it because enough people raved about it in balanced mode with DACs like the Audio-GD DAC-19 and the Emotiva Stealth. I picked up some balanced headphones and ordered fancy Peterek cables and got the DAC-19...and promptly decided my DAC rocked harder in my speaker rig than thru cans I can't really crank up anyway (hearing loss risk).
Yes, I listened. I like. But I like speakers in rooms better. I already have a small tube amp (rhymes with "Sally") and some Grados so I'm good.
So why do you have two of these?
One was for me, one was a gift for a friend who also, for other reasons, doesn't listen to headphones much anymore (he has moved on to other distractions). So I got him a swanky camera bag instead (much cheaper too)--help me pay for it!
And in case you're coming from my other "unopened" listing, yes, this is the unit I listened to for 15 minutes. The other amp never even came out of the shipping box.
Well, why don't you just wait a year for these to increase in value since they're rare, awesomely unique, and sure to be collectors items?
Two reasons:
1. Cash today is worth more than cash tomorrow (even if I think I could get more someplace like flea-bay), and
2. That Stoddard guy will probably come out with something that makes all this obsolete. I heard he is working on wireless implants with that big fruit-like company in Cupertino, CA.
3. See #1. I have bills to pay.
Alrighty then, good for me and good luck to you!
I was hoping you'd PM me and buy this via PayPal. I got your fees too, so other than you paying for shipping, it's really less than the retail offering.
Oh yeah: T-shirt?
Yes, yes, we all want to wear our hearts on our sleeves, don't we? It's all good, if you're size "M" (and they run small). If not, try it as an anti-vibration isolator under the amp. On second thought, no, no airflow. Give it to one of your Schiit-owning audio pals instead and see a nice schiit-eating smile appear on his/her face.

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