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Cavalli Audio's Liquid Carbon Owners Impressions

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by mr rick, Nov 14, 2015.
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  1. f0oster
    What DAC are you using?
  2. ButtUglyJeff
    I'm using my HiFi-M8, which I enjoy as a stand alone unit.  But I have my doubts using it as a DAC as its technically double amping.  I do have my CLAS db still.  I plan on giving that a go next.  But I do understand the need I have for a desktop DAC and have been reading the thread...
  3. digitalzed

    It was reported on earlier here. Don't worry, properly burn your amp in as the manual describes. I promise you it will open up. 
  4. CanDude
    This is a sad day for me. My Liquid Carbon #00081 is broken. Now I cannot bring my LC with me this Christmas. But that’s life.
    Do not plug a TRS plug into the TRS jack when a headphone (HE-6 in my case) is connected to a balanced jack, and the power is on! I don’t know if it’s possible to plug and unplug a TRS plug when the power is on, without having a balanced HP connected at the same time, but I hope so.
    There should be warnings about this in the user manual! (No, I have not connected a headphone or an adapter with a 4 pin XLR which has a common ground to the 4 pin jack.)
    When I get my repaired LC back I will block the SE jack with some black tape so I don’t repeat this mistake. I’m used to being able to plug and unplug anything without any problems! I was to compare the SE and the balanced out using an adapter in the SE jack.
    I hope this will be repaired under warranty. Mail sent to Cavalli.
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  5. mscott58
    That's really interesting! What happened to your amp when you plugged the TRS in? 
  6. Mr Rick
    Let me understand correctly. You had a set of SE and a set of balanced headphones connected at the same time??
  7. CanDude
    It instantly broke...
    Balanced headphones plugged in. Music playing.
    Then I plugged in an XLR to TRS adapter, that was not connected to anything, into the SE jack. So I just plugged in an unconnected Neutrik TRS plug.
    Amp instantly broke. Bass clipping heavily. In both channels.
    Since I hadn't tried the SE output I don't know if something was wrong with the SE output in the first place, of course.
    BTW Alex has already replied to my mail!
  8. runeight
    Hello gents. We are working on this with CanDude. I'm not certain what happened in this instance. Give me a little bit to try to understand it.
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  9. Cardiiiii
    For those who have listened to the LC, which Audeze suits it better? 2F or X? I have the 2F and am in a position to pick up a X for pretty cheap, any input will be much appreciated.
  10. nanoevil

    Using my LCD 2.2 nonF when i did my impressions...loving it now at 150hrs burn-in

    Will try it with my friends LCDX when I get back to the Philippines
  11. pippen99
    At the time of purchase of LC I had a 2f.  Got to audition the LC with my 2f at the spring Nashville meet.  Also was able to listen to the X with the LC.  Immediately sold the 2f and bought an X.  I think the X is vastly superior to the 2f.  Upgrading to the X was the best money I have spent since getting into this hobby.
  12. Cardiiiii

    Oh dear...exactly what I didn't want to hear. Lol!
  13. nanoevil

    True that...having listened to the X several times it is still my favorite headphone. I love how the X vocals sound....then the alphadogs stand a close 2nd to it (based on price / performance) in my book
  14. reddog
    Yes the MJ2 is of great value for the money. Furthermore its far easier to roll out tubes on the MJ2, than on the Liquid Crimson.
  15. zachawry

    Easier in what sense? Physically easier to insert tubes? More tubes available? Easier to find a good combination? 
    Although god, if I got into tube rolling, the amount of money I would probably spend on tubes.....
    Shoulda stuck with my Apple Earbuds.... :wink:
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