Cavalli Audio Liquid Crimson CanJam RMAF 2015 Show Special
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Oct 10, 2002
As a tribute to headphone audio and CanJam at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, Cavalli Audio is delighted to announce a special treat for this weekend only. 
During CanJam RMAF 2015, Cavalli Audio will offer the award-winning Liquid Crimson at an exclusive $1000USD discount, bringing the total to $1850USD. This makes an already great deal on a world-class amp, an absolute steal. 
Available only for the remaining stock of Liquid Crimson, once they sell out, they will be gone. Head to between October 2nd, at 10 A.M. (MDT), and October 4th, at midnight to be able to place your order at the show-special pricing.
This is your chance to grab a world-class amp at an incredible price that won't last long. Make sure to secure your Liquid Crimson before they are all spoken for. 

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Wow, this is my End Game amp! (That I don't have yet) Probably to be a retired model soon ....
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So many people resisting.  If I could afford it today, I'd be all over it.  This is a fantastic amp and a smokin deal.
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Thank you!!! To whomever got their first.  If I didn't have Geek Pulse Infinity (well, two) and a tube headphone amp from them already allotted, I'd have jumped right in.  Thankfully I've been saved.

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