Cat ate K1000 wires - replacement wire suggestions??
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Sep 14, 2003
It's either send the cans to AKG for repair or try doing something myself. The cat chewed out a six-inch piece just below the right transducer so I'm thinking I may as well cut the left channel wire and solder new L-R wires, long enough in length to connect directly to my amp [thereby eliminating the bulky Neutrik connector]. I've seen pix on this forum of someone opening the transducer enclosure and hardwiring new wires. Not for the faint-hearted and not for me.

Question: tonearm wire can be had in similar thickness to stock AKG wires. Would tonearm wire fly??
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Yikes! Is there a piece of 6 inch cable INSIDE the cat, or did it jut chew it up!?
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No, the cat didn't eat it but rather was thoughful enough to merely tear out a piece and leave it on the floor. But your concern for my @#$!%-ing cat is appreciated.
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The cat is telling you to upgrade to Stefan *something something* cables
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That's why I hate cats and take great pains to keep ALL critters away from the gear. Man, they do love the wire. I can recall my pup grabbing my usb cable that I had running to my laptop while my head was turned and having a go with it. Thank goodness it wasn't a headphone cable or the love would have immediately gone out of our relationship!

Hang in there. Tough to balance a happy home and love for animals with gear sometimes. I know the decision I'd make if I had to but that's just me. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by rontokyo
No, the cat didn't eat it but rather was thoughful enough to merely tear out a piece and leave it on the floor. But your concern for my @#$!%-ing cat is appreciated.

Ah good, so your cat is safe!

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It's a cord, and it moves when anything touches it. A cat can hardly be expected to resist. I say you do a full recable, but that's just me.
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Does your cat sound better now with the cable upgrade?
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Sounds like an excuse for a recable to me!

Your cat was just being like Head-Fi, wanted you to spend more money.
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Cats and Audiophiles dont mix.
My friends cat ruined 2 pair of KOSS KTX Pro-1's and some stock headphones.
Ok,he was also careless and left all the other ones out and didnt learn from the first time ,but still.
We got 2 cats here,and really i dont like cats.

First thing....KILL THE CAT!!!

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Ha, the title of this thread gave me a pretty good chuckle. If it were me, I would throw the cat in a meat grinder...

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If I had a cat I'd let it ruin a thousand K1000 wires before I would get rid of it (I love animals

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