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  1. VoteForThiago
    Hi I am Thiago’s dad long time head-fi.org fan. I need your help. I entered my son in a cute baby contest on a local radio station and need all the votes I can get. The first stage of the contest ends at 11:59 a.m. on Thursday, August 12, 2010. He needs to get into the top 50 to continue on to the next stage. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/dDo8us
    YOU do not need to MAKE AN ACCOUNT IN ORDER FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT. Voting takes about 3 seconds. YOU CAN VOTE ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS.
    Every vote counts.
    Thank you and please send this to everyone you can!
    Thiago’s dad
  2. boomana
    How are you a long-time fan yet just joined yesterday?
  3. jjinh
    Thanks for the spam.
  4. Samgotit
    Is the child for sale?
  5. jeffreyj900 Contributor
    BTL [​IMG]
  6. krmathis Contributor
    Who is this Thiago? You write like we should know him...
  7. MuppetFace
    Dunno why, but I find this thread to be absolutely hilarious.
  8. sanakaku
    pics or it didn't happen?
  9. VoteForThiago
    I don't need to be a member to be a long time fan.
    I came here years ago to find out what you guys though about a couple of headphones I had in mind. Thanks to all the post people made I was able to narrow my final choice (Grado SR225). Yes I can provide pictures .. I can even have Thiago put them on while reading this forum... if it gets you to vote
  10. VoteForThiago
    To answer more comments
    - I don't think this is spam (in my own opinion) - I am just asking for help.
    - haha - No the child is not for Sale
    To "krmathis" - Thiago is my son. I don't understand what you mean by "You write like we should know him..." If i am assuming correctly ... well then .....his first birthday is coming up - if you are in the San Diego area you are more then welcome to come by and we can even take pictures and post them here. I think that should cover "getting to know him" part
    To "sanakaku"  I didnt understand your comment
    To "muppetface" I find your user name hilarious too - keep up the creativity!!!
  11. krmathis Contributor
    Well, so you may bee a long time fan then.
    I just found it really suspicious that the first thing you do as a new member on a headphone related forum is asking for votes on something totally irrelevant to headphones.
    Just putting the actual page behind a URL shortener like bit.ly is suspicious in its own!
  12. VoteForThiago
    I completely understand what you mean "krmathis". I do apologize for making this my first post.
    This is the actually link:
    Yup its ridiculously long.
  13. sanakaku
    I just voted. that simple. since i like Thiago Silva
    VoteForThiago likes this.
  14. VoteForThiago
    Thank you for your Vote "sanakaku"
    Thiago's full name is actually
    Thiago Dixon Silva
  15. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Will you share any winnings with us?

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