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Case for IE8i

  1. amilopowers
    Hi everybody

    I just ordered my 3rd IE8(i).

    I am looking for a hard case because my last one broke. I initially thought about an otterbox but it seems that they just sell phone cases now.

    Can someone give me an advice?
  2. Leba
    Not sure if the cable length on the IE8i is the same as IE80 (I imagine it is), I keep my IE80 in a Westone Vault when I am on the road. Size is just right in a jeans pocket too.
  3. amilopowers
    Thanks Leba!

    Do you know how deep it is inside? I have two custom tips so they are kind of bulky....
  4. Mooses9
    Lime amilo said what kind of cable do you have. That vault could possibly work are you looking for just a storage case or a on the go case. Westone makes another case that is bigger than that one that will house just custom custom cable you name it. But its not little
  5. amilopowers
    I have the regular cable which comes with it.....
    I am looking for a carrying case for on the go. But anyway how is that larger case called?
  6. Mooses9
    here you go

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