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  Some people have compared them to the TH-X00 and preferred them. Would love to hear more thoughts on this and some comparisons with the HE-500 as well.

I'm afraid I don't have an HE-500 comparison.
I think the Talos holds up pretty well against the TH-X00. The TH-X00 is a very formidable headphone, though. In my review I compared the two:
  The Fostex TH-X00 had more sub-bass slam and slightly cleaner bass than the Talos. The mids clarity was roughly the same, but I didn’t notice any dips in the mids. The upper midrange on the TH-X00 struck me as being a bit more emphasized and shouty, but the Talos was brighter in the treble. The TH-X00 had a wider soundstage, but it also leaked a lot more sound and isolated much worse. On a technical level, the TH-X00 trumped the Talos, but the Talos’ superior isolation is why I use it in the office.

Tonally, I think both really nail the targets they were trying to do. The TH-X00 nails being a bassier headphone while the Talos nailed the v-shape. Both are very resolving in the treble, although the Talos is brighter. I think I have to edge the TH-X00 in mids and bass quality. I think the TH-X00's bass bleeds a bit more into the mid-range, whereas the Talos remains more tastefully punchy with less bleed. The Talos rolls off more in the sub-bass, though.
Comfort-wise, it's a slight edge to the Talos for me. The Talos weigh more than the TH-X00, but the pads are much more comfortable on my head, and I prefer the Talos headband. The headband distributes the headphone's weight better, IMO, and the pads are deeper and more comfortable overall.
My main problem with the TH-X00 is that I'm not sure when I would want to use it. In a noisy situation, it doesn't isolate enough for me to want to use it over a closed pair of headphones. In a quiet situation, I'll never reach for it over my HD800 or some other open headphone.
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I just wanted to comment on this thread to say that the Talos have so far been my favorite planars that I've heard not including the Alpha Primes. The HE400s had solid bass but the quantity of bass from these headphones are the perfect amount for me personally.
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I just ordered a pair of the Talos and they are on their way. I was wondering if anybody could do a comparison between the Talos and the Modhouse Audio Argons?
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Sorry sorry sorry!!!!

I've had my hands on these for a few weeks now and I quite like them! The Talos 2 that is,


So I saw mention of the TH X00! I have some good news for those curious, I owned the TH X00 for like 17ish months. I had Alpha pads on mine and it was balanced... It was really BASS HEAVY and my go to for Metal and EDM... but I eventually sold it as I just HATED how it sounded... it was like oddly bright and kinda sucked out in the mid range... maybe my Alpha Pads ruined them but either way I like these MUCH more than the TH X00 I had

While it is a V-Shape it's quite tasteful, even though the mid range is a bit withdrawn in comparison to the bass [which is linear now ;3] I feel there's still some of that T50 thickness in the mid range that helps with naturalness.

Overall they are quite enjoyable, unlike some of my V-Shaped cans of past years, like the DT 990 and TH X00 Alpha Pad, I feel the Talos 2 has enough tonal balance to work well with a lot of genres! An honestly... the last V Shapped headphone I heard was the Campfire Audio Cascade... and frankly without having one on hand... I do feel the Talos 2 eclipse the Cascade in the lows especially! As much as I loved the mid range presentation on the Cascade the bass was too much for a lot of genres especially jazz

Non the less just some quick thoughts, I'll have some more serious impressions here shortly but I really diggin this can

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