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= Cascadia Audio Talos Impressions & Discussion Thread =

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sanjiwatsuki, Jun 17, 2016.
  1. SanjiWatsuki
    The Talos are an awesome planar magnetic at an affordable price. The first reviews are saying that the Talos are better than all of its competitors in the closed headphone space: Better than the Oppo PM-3, MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs, the NAD Viso HP50. Personally speaking, I preferred them to the HP50, but I'll let other folks speak to the other comparisons.
    At $250, the Talos are possibly both the best sounding AND the cheapest T50RP mod on the market today. If you're in the market for a closed headphone, give them a look!
    Link: Cascadia Audio Talos ($250)

    Reviews and Impressions!

    Cascadia Audio Talos - THE best v-shaped headphone under $500 - Keanex


    Killer Planars at a Great Price - SanjiWatsuki


    Praise Talos! - mrstrangeguy



    Cascadia Audio Talos Review - uncleruckus240


    Talos Review (With comparisons to the Alpha Dogs) - godemperor117

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  2. Eddyfcknp
    I have a pair of these, pretty comfy and everything for the price.  They sound better than my PM3 sadly :frowning2:   Need to mod those damn things.
  3. SanjiWatsuki
    I'm actually surprised these didn't have a thread yet.
    Would you mind posting some comparisons against the PM3?
  4. mrstrangeguy
    All I will say is, Cascadia nailed the tuning on these, given the limitations of the T50RP drivers, they're making me seriously rethink the need to keep TH-X00s around...
  5. SanjiWatsuki
    I'm likely going to sell my TH-X00, honestly. The Talos are very good and, honestly, because the Talos isolate more, I use them more often. I haven't used the TH-X00 much since getting the Talos.
    On a technical and sonic level, I really dig the TH-X00. I think it's got a great tuning and it's one of my favorite headphones, but it doesn't have much of a place in my collection right now. At the office, I've been using the Talos for the isolation and at home I've been using the HD800. I haven't found a good place to slot in the TH-X00.
  6. Jimbob Andrews
    I get to try them tomorrow! Very excited as the Primes are my favorite headphones
  7. keanex Contributor
    I will have my review out tomorrow, but unless you need high isolation, the Talos are the best v-shaped headphone under $500 without a doubt in my mind. When I first heard them all I could think of was how they reminded me of the HiFIMan HE560 with similarities of the ZMF Blackwood, at least than half of the price. These headphones have made me not care about acquiring another headphone, I love them that much.
  8. Jimbob Andrews
    It is amazing sounding and leakage is minimal. I love it. I got mine used and I have to get the connection just right in order for it to play properly. Once it is right, it is snug and sounds amazing. I am wondering if I should open these up and fix the connection
  9. SanjiWatsuki
    I really didn't like the stock orange cable, but I haven't had any connection problems since switching to a V-Moda Audio Only cable.
  10. Jimbob Andrews
    I have been using the orange cable. I will try the other one.
  11. keanex Contributor
    Review is live: http://www.head-fi.org/t/812816/review-cascadia-audio-talos-the-best-v-shaped-headphone-under-500
    Yeah, I love em.
  12. SanjiWatsuki
    Thanks for the review, Keanex! I've added some excerpts from your review to the top level post.
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  13. tobzy
    Any FR graph out there? 
  14. Jozurr
    Some people have compared them to the TH-X00 and preferred them. Would love to hear more thoughts on this and some comparisons with the HE-500 as well.
  15. Jimbob Andrews
    i HAVE THE 560S BUT NOT THE 500S 

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