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Cascade Headphone by Campfire Audio

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by KB, Feb 1, 2018.
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  1. Drewminus
    This excites me, now to find some money.....
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  2. GoodEnoughGear
    Looks like they're available on the CA site already...order away! CA ships to the Netherlands.
  3. Beagle
    A tip of the hat to KB. It's so refreshing to see a new headphone contender announcement that is also accompanied by a "BUY NOW" option.
  4. bb rodriquez
    I’m excited to see some reviews about this product. I’ve enjoyed all the CA iems I’ve tried, so I would imagine these would be in the same league.

    Like others I’m interested in hearing about the sound signature, but also want to know if the cups are shallow and how big the opening is. The Sony’s I use for portable/work use are great, but they rub the top of my ear. I hope these don’t do the same.

    Anyway looking forward to some impressions!
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  5. easily_amused
    Links to any reviews?
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    Right, it's announced and ready for market that's always awesome! Means there's no waiting, looks gorgeous to and I love the HD 800 connectors. I've also found they hold up nicely and are quite rugged
  7. Valens7
    I didn't care for the Vega, haven't heard the Dorado. But I've been waiting for a full-size can from Campfire for some time. And I've got some spare HD 800 cables lying around to mess about with...

    So, yeah, count me in in. I can't resist a new dynamic can, especially one that looks as choice as the Cascade.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2018
  8. FastAndClean
  9. Galm
  10. easily_amused
    Ahhh, I can order beer, whiskey, and exit a busy train. Not much else :p

    Seems like a bit of an oversight to not have some coverage out already, is this common practice with headphone releases?
  11. supervisor
    i am sure we'll see plenty of coverage in the next week or so. they probably wanted to release before CanJam.
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  12. Mark Up
    I used BING translation software. Had to cut and paste several parts and paste them here, a lot of work, it makes for a funny read at least with expected translation quirks.

    Campfire Audio Sound is now on the headphones. The campfire audio headphones have been rumored to come up. Its name is Cascade (CADE). Briefly, this is a closed-type portable headphone with top-class sound quality. Because I lent a demonstration machine, I do the review which I tried to use. I'm surprised at Cascade, but for the portable headphone world, I think it's a shock since edition8. This is based on overseas information, and the Campfire audio Cascade page is below. Overseas prices are US $799.

    * Features and Features

    1. Portable design has been made in mind The format is a closed type of headphone for dynamic type. It can be folded by bending the arm, it is also characterized by a high degree of freedom of movement range of the ear cup. This makes it easier to fit the ear and to both the feeling of the attachment and the sound insulation. The vibrating version uses a beryllium vibrating plate like campfire audio. The exterior is CNC machined with die-cast aluminum. The size adjustment slider is stainless steel. The headband is PU leather and the ear pads are used for lamb leather. Cable also short portable length (1.2 m?) The 3.5 mm terminal.

    2. Recable can be used, hd800 plug Recable is possible and the plug is portable and uses a fairly sturdy hd800 plug. HD800 plug is the most reliable because Ken has seen so far. It has become a design feature, but the robustness of the plug is also a place like Ken of Alo or rather campfire. Campfire Audio used a pretty robust plug in the MMCX. There is also the fact that the replacement cable for HD800 is out in the Alo. With these, you can change the balance drive with a long cable of hd800 at home. Of course, a short cable like the outside is also available separately by Alo (including .2.5mm/4.4mm) for balance drive terminals.

    * The Lemo and hd800 plugs of the Edition 8 ex are somewhat different, so you need to be careful.

    3. Can change the sound quality with the damper exchange The characteristic is that the sound quality can be changed by opening the ear pad and attaching a damper (thin seal). The ear pads can be easily removed with a magnet. When you open the ear pad, there is a hall up and down, you can increase the bass by pasting a damper there. The lower damper should be in the state from the start.

    * Sense of use, in-pre

    The box is a big box of campfire audio. Still comes with a big case of campfire audio. One of the good points of Cascade is that the mounting feeling is good and the sound insulation is high. In this respect, I think that it is the top of the current headphone. The degree of freedom of the ear cup is high, and the mounting feeling is good in close contact. Lateral is not moderate and light, and it is not tight strong that the ear hurts well. I think that the size of the headband enters enough even in the person with a large head if it is Japanese (demonstrated by me). Because the weight of the headphone itself is not so much, I think the fit feeling is good.

    In fact, Ken was a year late in the development of a big improvement in the headband three times. Sound insulation is also quite high, and even if you hear the station announcements and the dark noise of the train, it seems to sound insulation as much as the excellent universal canal type without having to say custom. Even if you play music slightly louder, you can hear a little bit close to your ears in a quiet room. It is an advantage that it is easy to listen to a fine sound because the noise is considerably low even in the train though it is difficult to disturb it around.

    It is advantageous to be able to secure SN with sound insulation because it is a headphone with a high resolution power. The appearance is characteristic plug, I think it is the first time that this plug in the portable folding. I feel that Ken's feelings are terrible. However, it is necessary to take a plug when folded. The plug is not hard, but can be removed lightly. You can also turn your neck flat. It might be good here if it is a large flat bag. In this case, it seems to be good even if I plug it, but it is better to remove the plug after all because the plug and the housing rub.

    * Sound quality

    But the greatest advantage of cascade is its high quality. It's not as good as portable, but the level of sound quality is so much less than the high-end class of headphones used at home. Of course there is a difference between close and open, except for the sound field and the flat than the first hd800, I think that the sound quality such as resolution and three-dimensional feeling is already over. It is a good point of cascade feeling and force of close unique. The sound is unique, and it is a peculiar sound like hearing the campfire Lyra for the first time. Ken says he has an image of a sound like a Vega. The transparent feeling is certainly high, and when using sp1000ss etc., it will shudder to the greatness of the resolution power so much. It might be such a feeling when there is a BA in the headphone, and I think that it can be said that the low-frequency dynamic and the middle and high-range are near the electrostatic type hybrid. It is a hybrid that was able to do well when it says in earphones, and it is both high-and high-density information, and has both a deep weight power of sharpness and the low-range. It is dynamic and uplifting, and you can listen to it with gusto. The low-range is full of power. It seems to be close type, but the depth of the sound is felt, so the resolution is very high. Because it is a system to enjoy music rather than a monitor, I want to soak up the power by raising the volume carelessly.

    I think that the width of the horizontal sound field is good for the close, but I think that the stereoscopic feeling of the depth direction is near the top class in the headphone.
    The reproducibility of the position of the instrument is high, so it is a three-dimensional feeling. The sound is quite good even if it is not aged, but the high-frequency is refreshed when aging progresses, and a sense of transparency comes out. It is slightly rough if it is not aged, and this is feeling that it is good in this, and the sound clears out when aging progresses, and it becomes the sound which is smooth and is complete by the whole. When aging, the middle and high school is extended, and the female vocal of the middle range is very beautiful, and the sound of the high-level bell is lovely. Since it is quite different in the first 10-20 hours, women vocal lovers listen after a lot of aging, and people who like rock are encouraged to start listening without aging. I think the diaphragm is light, but there is a sense of speed and rhythm is good. The rise and fall of the sound seems to be high transient, the edge of the sound is quite clear and crisp and clear. I feel a sense of clarity is high. The pronunciation of the vocal is well listened to and pronunciation is clear.

    This is a resolution monster like sp1000 I want you to listen to good recordings. I can feel the reproduction power of the sound of the frightening much when it is sp1000. Portable headphones are a delicate sound that you can listen to on a high-end custom earphones that you have never heard before. It is the feeling that comes to the sound pressure of the headphone only and attacked. The efficiency is a little low but the DAP is enough to be able to be. If you sp1000, you can get a normal recording around 120. You can feel the weight of the sound as it's an amp with excellent driving power like Iqube v5. You can also enjoy the wide range feeling from the medium to the middle to extend through the weight of the bass. It is a sharp and tight sound throughout the entire area. Compared to the open-type headphone (not portable) of high-end class, it is not transferred in the resolution and sound reproduction even if the width of the sound is ceded. I think it's a good level for some manufacturers to say the same as the flagship. If you compare the hd800 and cable with the geek pulse of the stationary headphone amplifier, Cascade's aggressive character seems to be a cable.

    If you try to Recable the HD800 standard cable to CASCADE, Cascade becomes more calm and objective sound. This is a very attractive sound, and classics etc. might be better here. However, it is the individuality of cascade that the base is strong and is powerful. I think that the resolution of the cable itself is almost as good as the clear or the alo is a little better (hd800 standard cable is also quite good). However, I think that the standard cable of hd800 is good for hd800 from the point of individuality. Next, when you compare cascade and sound quality with the same cable by applying the Cascade cable to hd800, there is a big difference first in the point of efficiency (hd800 is considerably low), the difference between open type and sealed type. Because the difference of individuality is strong because of the flatness of the frequency characteristic, I think that it does not change so much in the sound quality level. So far, the sound quality of a DJ-type or a closed-type portable was just about the average of the spread model from the beginner model, cascade with the sound quality of the flagship will be worth noting. By the way, the length of the standard cable of the stationary headphone is 3m because it is length when listening in the listening position connecting to the CD Player of the speaker. I think that it is enough even if I put a DAC on a desktop and connect about 1.5 m on a stationary.

    * About Damper

    There are two places to put the damper on the left and right. A place is pasted from the start below, and this is basically used as it is, and it is possible to increase the bass by putting more damper on the vacant hall. It is an emotionally good feeling to no the bass not electrically but acoustically. I think that it is good when I use it for a subtle tuning because the effect is not so intense.

    * Summary Briefly, this is what I have wanted for about ten years.

    I entered the headphone world, and I like the HD25, there is also a feeling that the feeling of that time that had been Recable to the overseas mail order has been revived. What I was using when I started this blog is Hd25 er4, E5, and headphones for earphones. Earphones have made great strides and have used countless models. However, there was a portable headphone edition8, and there was a t5p, but I think that the sense of hd25 which had been felt in the beginning was not done so much the renovation. I think it was this cascade that I Recable to the HD25 and wanted to get to HD25-13 and realize it. I've wanted this.

    Earphones are a battleground, but with portable headphones there are not many rivals. It might be the edition8 system and t5p that it is possible to become a rival in the sound quality. If you're a non-campfire user and want to experience a high-end earphone resolution with headphones, try it. The name Cascade refers to the Cascade Range (Cascade Range) and cascade waterfalls (multistage waterfalls) near Oregon with campfire audio. Campfire Audio Earphones have taken the names of the stars of the universe, but the headphones seem to use the name of nature on the ground. This is also a name that seems to be a campfire.

    I can feel the enthusiasm for the new field from here. Ken also said that Campfire audio was the first to develop a portable (compact, closed-type) headphone in Japan market. In addition, the tuning of the sound was conscious of Japan market. I spend three years developing. The sound of the cascade is a little bit addictive because it does not give you the power and sound pressure of the earphones. When you get used to the excellent earphones, it becomes bothersome to bring up the headphones, but Cascade wants to push it out.
    It is a feeling that I do not want to stray too much drunk to the sound. High sound insulation, high-end resolution, collapsible, price to reach, batting sensation of drums and percussion, attack, impact is heavy and sharp deep, the feeling that is not obtained by earphones, it is cascade. Posted by Sasaki at 12:38 | ○ Portable Audio General
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  13. Morimoriya 62
    Very interesting ,I like this brand :) Andromeda ,vega :wink: all products great .
  14. swmtnbiker
    Congratulations on the new headphone! Looks very interesting. Question for you - do you charge the same 20% restocking fee for returns on the Cascade as you do for your IEMs?
  15. Walderstorn
    You read minds right?! ^^
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