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Cascade Headphone by Campfire Audio

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by KB, Feb 1, 2018.
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  1. orderingrabbits
    Thats unfortunate, I maxed out the TH-X00. Guess it's Aeon for me then.
  2. Spandy87
    If you were choosing between the Cascade and the Aeon and only getting one headphone for all purposes... I'd get the Aeon for sure. But you do need solid amping for it. You'll also find that the AFC is bass light, where the Cascade is the opposite, so keep that in mind and think about your sound preferences for the type of music you like.
  3. KB Contributor
    Hey All,

    We found that the Cascade responds very favorably to a balanced source. I have been using a few DAPS with really a big improvement in SQ with balanced out, so right now these days I am using a Sony NW XZ300 out via a 4.4mm balanced cable and I have to say its really really hard to go back to a 3.5mm SE out with the Cascade after hearing the balanced out. We will have our upgrade cables in stock very soon please check them out here..


    Our newly designed SXC8 cables are have really hit a sweet spot in terms of sonics and ergonomics.

    Again if possible please stop by our booth at the up coming CANJAM NYC!!! and you can A/B balanced VS Single Ended as well as just taking the new headphone for a spin.


    ALO Audio Stay updated on ALO Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  4. Dithyrambes
    Ken its because everyone knows that sony gimped the SE from the ZX300 and engineered all their efforts to the balanced. I don't think its the headphones sounding better just going balanced. I wonder why sony can't just stick with SE and stop making us buy new cables for every single headphone connector type. I also don't see the sensibility in buying a $350 dollar cable for a 799 dollar headphone to use with the only brand that has 4.4m standard out.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2018
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  5. czy6412
    I assume there will be a diamond version later this year since Ken did not even mention that while there are concerns about it.
  6. Spandy87
    This was my initial thought as well. Even in amps that don't gimp the SE output, the balanced output is clearly the one that a fully balanced amp is designed for us to use. I'm not too familiar with balanced topology, but I'm sure that some headphones benefit from that more than others. But it's very difficult to compare directly and say it's the fact that it's balanced that's making it sound good.
  7. easily_amused
    Worth noting the new cable appears to be available in a number of balanced terminated heads, 4.4mm is just one option. I love the zx300 with my Andros, so having the option to have a cable terminated for Sony DAPs with a new campfire headphone only makes me happy.

    Plus, the cable would double up with hd800s and a number of other cans.
  8. Fernando Goñi
    I use an Ibasso DX200 and from the very beginning (AMP1) I went the Balanced path, now with AMP3 and AMP4 cards I am even more on that direction, so for me that's OK. But I hope they provide a not so expensive Balanced Cable for the Cascade, I already spent over $300 in the Alo Reff 8 Balanced for my Andromedas :ksc75smile:
  9. emptymt
    I also like the tonality on the Andromeda more than the Vega ^_^
  10. zykorex
    So let's round up the "sight unseen" comfort issues:
    - Small Pads: they are attached magnetically so hopefully we can swap them out for bigger pads
    - Headband: Apparently design is so bad it will crush your head or, you know, we can survive using a 380g headphone without a strap ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I wonder if we can get something similar to lohb's strap for this.

    Hopefully we get more first hand buyer impressions soon.
  11. Mark Up
    Thanks for the Andromeda suggestion though it's out of my price range and I don't like 'wrap over ear' IEMs. I have Sony XB850AP & under $30 the best value IEM. Just one (big) driver, not the most 3D sound of all, but still spacious with good mids, gentle highs (which are usually too much in IEM's), and amazing bass. Also I had the EMU Teak at one time, which is in that Foster family (Fostex, Denon, EMU) and had it maxed out and it barely made my ears comfortably. Ironically, to replace it, was headphones I already had the Sony MDR-1A with Meze Classic ear pads. 90% like the Fosters with slightly less harshness, more mids badly needed, and similar massive bass. Those and a stock Meze 99 Neo (with its headband removed so the outer rings (somewhat bendable to enlarge and adjust clamping angle) are my go to now. Similar to the Sony, but wider soundstage with a midrange realism like few others have. Plus the highs are nearly as detailed as the Sony with even less harshness. I'm a treble sensitive bass head so others may not feel that way about it.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2018
  12. Asspirin
    You're in the wrong thread, my friend.
  13. Spandy87
    Like I said I'm a bit of a comfort freak. Things like this really bother me. They might not bother you or other people though.
  14. zykorex
    Sorry, I wasn't calling you out, and I apologize if it came out that way. I really appreciate your impressions post. I agree with you on the comfort part.
  15. CalvinW
    Waiting for the version with ADLC non-crystalline diamond-carbon driver...
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