Cary all-in-one Streamer/DAC/amp
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Jun 6, 2016
For those contemplating a streamer, I was enthused about the Cary AiOS $2999 all-in-one solution at first, since (for twice the price and half the features) I own their DMS-550 and like it. But then I see for headphone use it still requires the additional purchase of a headphone amplifier. (And, I think Cary, (or anyone else for that matter) cheapens their brand when they describe their 75 wpc amplifier section as being 150 watts, because it outputs 75 watts into two channels.)

Anyway, still, for $3000 - or closer to $2000 on sale, now - it seems like it might work for someone wanting to ditch USB and their computer for sourcing music, and go to a (better than average?) streaming solution. 75 wpc would be plenty of power for any small or office system, and the unit supports TIDAL and other services, is ROON Ready, etc. I use my tablet as a remote control, with the Cary app, which makes my Cary streamer a breeze to use.

I see it has been available for a couple of years now; has anyone tried it?
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