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Carolina CanFest 6. 17FEB2018. 10-1500. Concord, NC. CFD Station 7

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  1. Wiljen
    If we get in Friday night it will be late enough that I wouldn't hold anyone's dinner on us. For Saturday, we are game for whenever we can get everyone together and ready. We are used to varying schedules so not a big deal. I had thought I might have a Burson play on loan during the meet but it looks like I'm up next so likely will have to send it on to the next reviewer before then.
  2. Army-Firedawg
    Oh, are we thinking friday before the meet or dinner of the meet?
  3. Mshenay Contributor
    If that's the case @Wiljen than maybe it would be better to plan a nice Dinner on Saturday instead, and keep friday open for exploring the Audio Shops in Carry with @Zadok plus who ever else would like to join us.

    @Zadok if I'm not doing dinner Friday with @Army-Firedawg and @Wiljen till saturday, that gives us a little more time at both shops Friday. Which might not be a bad idea,
  4. audiophilehe400
    I don't know if this is a possibility, but is there anyway we could have t shirts made up for the meet and people could order beforehand and pick up at the meet?
  5. Wiljen
    Having not been to this one, how is the game played - do we bring a micro SD with our music selections on it? Does each person provide their own source or ? Tell me the ground rules for how this goes.
  6. fatcat28037 Contributor
    If you have headphones you'd like to listen to using different amps and/or sources bring them. Also bring some favorite music, stuff you're familiar with
    to use as audition tunes for gear new to you. preferably have the music on both CD and thumb drive.
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    As goofy as it sounds too bring your Cell with some music that you like, a few of the DACs that I have will work with your cellphone and feed into a few different amps, but other wise I think a Thumb Drive/CDs and a Digital Audio Player [which could be ur cell] with a digital output would likely work the best.
  8. Army-Firedawg
    There is a shirt shop down the road that I'm sure could make something but this is very short notice for me to make a design/get price quotes. I'll keep this in mind for next year and hope we get a bigger outcome. So far as amazing as a vendor support we have, there's still only a small amount of us actually attending (in relation to people who've RSVP'd).

    @Mshenay hit the nail pretty soundly. Some of us will have some source material at our tables but it's always recommended to bring your own that your knowledgeable on so you know what you like to listen for.
  9. audiophilehe400
    Thanks, that would be cool for next year. Sorry for the late notice on the idea. I saw you mentioned Schiit plans on coming, I'm very excited to hear some of there gear.
  10. Wiljen
    Ok, I'll make sure I've got a couple of thumb drives and a CD or two to work from.
  11. Army-Firedawg
    And there's no need to stress if you forget something. I'll make sure you're able to listen to gear. I'm bringing between 3-6 sources of mine (at least) that you're more than welcome to, as is anyone.

    Also, it looks like I may be able to add Beyerdynamic to the attendees list as well as MAYBE Bowers & Wilkins (haven't gotten a second reply back yet). I'm on shift tomorrow so hopefully I'll hear something by then because Wednesday I plan to make and upload the CanFest welcome video. Hopefully I can bring in a few more people.
  12. audiophilehe400
    Beyerdynamic t70p will be coming with me as well. It's a great portable headphone. Just thought I'd let you know in case you want to add it to the list.
  13. Wiljen
    B&W oughta come :wink: I have a p5 on the to bring list and I saw a P7 on the list too. They have a fan base for sure :wink:
  14. Army-Firedawg
    Yup, the P7 is mine and the first serious headphone I ever purchased. I LOVE their original sound (not a big fan of their series 2) and am REALLY hoping I can be honored by having a couple units sent our way.

    EDIT: Sweet!!! I really enjoyed the T70p during my time with it, in fact it was the very first product I ever reviewed on my YouTube channel. I'm really excited to hear that booger again.
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2018
    audiophilehe400 likes this.
  15. Mshenay Contributor
    I'm ashamed to say I've YET to hear a SINGLE B&W Product as of yet! An @Wiljen like @Army-Firedawg mentioned there will likely be a few of us that have a couple of extra sources lying around to listen to other amps with, though I my self don't have to many digital sources only a variety of DAPS that have their own analog line out...

    Excited to hear Beyerdynamic will be present, are we getting a body or just gear?
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