Carolina CanFest 6. 17FEB2018. 10-1500. Concord, NC. CFD Station 7

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  1. Army-Firedawg
    Alright fellers, I've finally gotten my new power cable in the mail so the list should be up to date. Anyone get any goodies during the shopping fiesta weekend? I was on shift last 48 so I'm stuck for cyber monday (which is what I was going to do anyways). We did eat quite well at the fire house, even got to meet my new company I'll be transferring to end of JAN. I trust you all ate just as well though right?
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    Yea, I grabbed a DD Audio DXB-04, and the Massdrop PortaPro and EMU Purplehearts
  3. Zadok
    My gear is almost completely different from what I told you a couple months ago, but I'll update you when the system is complete. =) In short, I now have a stax system as well as LCD3 with silver dragon balanced cable. I've been busy haha
  4. Army-Firedawg
    Heck yeah man!! Congrats that's awesome, I'm excited to hear what ya got!
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  5. fatcat28037 Contributor
    Firedawg......I've upgraded the FiiO E11 to the new FiiO A5. I'm looking forward to the meet and am buying a few new CDs, SACD, Binaural, to bring.
  6. Zadok
    Hey guys. If any of y'all are near the Raleigh Durham triangle, it'd be cool to hang out sometime. I have whatever is listed in my signature at the time. Let me know. Pm for phone number
  7. Army-Firedawg
    Very nice fatcat! How you liking it?
  8. audiophilehe400
    Hey there, I would like to attend the event. I will bring whatever gear I have at the time. Most likely I will still have my HD800 with SDR mod and a bottlehead crack with speedball. And I will probably have a ZMF atticus by that point as well. I look forward to meeting everyone. I haven't been to a meet like this before.
  9. Army-Firedawg
    Welcome!! Very glad to have you, and Merry Christmas!!!!!!! I've got you added, and hopefully we can make it as good of an experience as possible to you'll be longing for more! Also, where's the HE400 :p? Watch out for @fatcat28037 and @DannyB though, they're trouble XD
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  10. DannyB Contributor
    Danny B happens to be an extremely nice fellow. On the other hand,
    Fatcat was recently released from prison and is now on a work release program and lives at some halfway house. Rumor has it that he was imprisoned for using some portable listening system while dancing frantically in his neighborhood...naked.

    Also, I think the reason he hasn’t answered your question Army-Firedog is because he is OLD and old people take long naps.
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  11. Army-Firedawg

    :beyersmile: I love you people
  12. DannyB Contributor
    And we love you too.
  13. fatcat28037 Contributor
    Sorry for the delayed reply, I just woke up. I like the A5, even with my deficient ears this amp adds clearity,
    & depth. You'll have to give a listen with your player.
  14. Mshenay Contributor
    ooh! Looking forward to hearing a Crack+Speedball
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  15. Wiljen
    It is about 5 hours drive one way for me - where should I look at staying if I can make it ?

    I'll bring my tube-rolling SSMH with a bunch of interesting tubes if I can make it. I have:

    1954 Clear Top RCAs 6189s - probably the best USA Made 12au7.

    Sylvania 6211s (1966 military tube)
    GE 6829s (Late production 1980s tube)

    The 6211 and 6829 are high grade (made to medical or military standards), extremely low micro-phonics 12at7 variants with a lower mu than typical. They are higher gain than 12au7 but lower than a typical 12at7 with a better tone than the typical 12av7 or 12ay7 tube.

    GE 5965s (an improved 12av7)
    RCA 12at7 (1952s) (One of the better 12at7 tubes for less than $50 each)

    Sylvania 5963 (Beckman medical grade tubes)
    GE 12au7A (1964 production)

    These two are basic 12au7 tubes that show off how good a starving student can sound with a tube that can be bought for $15 a pair.

    I also have an original 19J6 SSMH for those that might like to compare the 19j6 to the 12a_7 version
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