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Carolina CanFest 6. 17FEB2018. 10-1500. Concord, NC. CFD Station 7

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  1. jazzk
    i will bring all my different tips for the shure's so u guys can have a listen!!!!!! i use the white silicon cantilevered tips that give me a nice tight comfy seal!!!!
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  2. Howlin Fester
    Wow. You guys surely make me jealous. Wish I could make it.

    @Mshenay Got a favor to ask.
    I know you have a Shanling M2s. I don't know what kind of cables you might have. But if you have any USBC to A/B/Micro/Mini/etc cables... Can you test the M2s with as many DACs as you can?

    I am really looking for a mid tier desktop/maybe portable DAC that I can use with my M2s as transport.
    Targeting iFi Nano iOne DAC (at this time)

    If you look at the latest posts from the M2s thread, you will see that I have tried the M2s and Cayin N3 with a bunch of different DACs.

    If anyone has a Cayin N3, same question as the M2s. Can you try with as Many DACs as possible?

    I really, really wish I could make this. You guys are going to have so much fun.

    @jazzk That Antelope Zodiac Plus DAC looks amazing.
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  3. Mshenay Contributor
    Yea I can pick up an OTG cable from amazon, as it'll work with micro out that's no problem. An I'll do me best to test it with as many as possible. Though a Portable Dac/amp like the Fiio Q5 or even my own Geek Out v2+ might be a really competitive combo, all the ease of use of the M2s with the sound quality of something nicer/more powerful that's still portable

    I'll likely have an issue feeding it into my own EL Dac or NFB10E2 unless I pair it with my UCA 202 and do optical in
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  4. Wiljen
    My N3 will be there @Howlin Fester, I'll be happy to oblige - any price range you want to target or avoid?
  5. Howlin Fester
    I have a few cables here. I can give you a USB-C to USB-B cable. I can let you borrow a couple of short OTG cables. USB-C to Mini. USB-C to micro.

    Here are some links to cables I have used USB-C to USB-B.


    I have used the Monoprice cables AND the Belkin cable. I bought 3 Monoprice for $0.72 ea and 1 belkin for $19.99. All 4 acted the same way on the Peachtree and the Unison Research.

    Here is an ebay link to some OTG USBC to Micro/Mini ect.
  6. Howlin Fester
    I'm looking around $200 or less, preferably. No more than $300.
  7. Mshenay Contributor
    That would be fine! I actually have a USB c to micro I can use actually, non the less I can keep that $200-$300 price range in mind
  8. Wiljen
    I can knock the SMSL M8, schitt modi (non-mb), and the Zorloo Zuperdac off your list then. I tried those as I have (or had (modi)) them and didn't find a substantial improvement over what is in the N3 natively.
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  9. Howlin Fester
    Thanks guys (and anyone else who might test). You are the BEST!

    Let me clarify what I'm asking about.
    I just want to verify USB Audio FUNCTIONALITY.

    Here's why:
    I have a very nice Unison Research SH Class A Tube DAC/AMP.
    The Cayin N3 and the Shanling M2s both DO NOT WORK with the USB Audio input.

    I was thinking of picking up a the iFi Nano iOne as an easy way to plug in the N3 or M2s via USB Audio Connection into the DAC then output to the Unison Research SH.
    N3/M2s > USBC to USBB cable > DAC (iOne maybe) > RCA Cables > UR SH

    @Wiljen . I see the SMSL M8 doesn't have USB input. I was considering one of the Schitt Modi. Did you try that via usb Audio?

    Here is what I've uncovered so far regarding both N3/M2s using USB Audio:
    RSA Intruder. Works like a Champ. 16/44 files required
    RSA Predator. Works like a Chanp. 16/44 files required
    Peachtree Audio. Works flaky. Sometimes it will not recognize the N3/M2s. Need to unplug USB Cable and re-plug to get connection
    Unison Research SH. DOES NOT WORK.

    I thank you guys. I really don't want take this thread too far off topic. I appreciate you looking out for us poor Family Challenged Individuals who have other things to do.
  10. Mshenay Contributor
    Yea no problem, I'll also test my UCA 202 with the M2S, as the 202 is a Class 1 USB device and will do optical out into a nicer dac
  11. Wiljen
    The N3 is super temperamental about the USB Cable used. I could get the Modi to show up with one cable and not with 3 others. Originally I had thought it was the USB on the Modi, but benefit of hindsight is nothing else worked with those cables either. If you haven't already tried 3 or 4 different USB OTG cables, I would recommend doing that first as it may be a cable issue.
  12. Howlin Fester
    I hear you. I used 4 different cables on both the N3 and the M2s with the Unison Research DAC/Amp. No love.
  13. Pharron
    For those of you who have Lyr 2s, what are your thoughts on that amp? Is there anything better for around the $500 price point?
  14. Army-Firedawg
    Shameless plug

  15. Mshenay Contributor
    I'll let you listen for your self :3

    I've got a Single End Triode Amp that ran me $500 and it sounds pretty amazing! But it's limited to dynamics
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