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Carolina CanFest 6. 17FEB2018. 10-1500. Concord, NC. CFD Station 7

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  1. audiophilehe400
    It will just be gear, although I'm working on trying to get a friend to join. He has some pretty nice audio gear, so hopefully he will come, if he does he will post if he decides to bring gear.
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    Cool Cool, I would have loved to hear the original T1 but I never did... HD 800 got me with it's magic before a Beyer could win me back over to their side!
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  3. Zadok
    I've only heard B&W speakers before. They are really nice, but I am not sure they deserve their price
  4. Wiljen
    I've got my N3 that is always in my pocket but didn't know what the protocol was so I am good.

    As for the B&W stuff, they have a unique house sound in that they are more like an on ear speaker than a headphone. If you get a chance to listen to mine or @Army-Firedawg 's pair, you really should. They are the best travel headphone I've found for comfort and sound quality and are easily drivable from a DAP without an external amp (Although amping them does help).
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  5. Howlin Fester
    Good day crew. Just catching up on a few day's posts.

    @Zadok and @Mshenay. Regarding your plans to visit Moon Audio. They only accept by appointment only. And the weekend of Feb 17, is the New York Canjam. So please reach out early and see if there is availability. Drew is from NY, and, i believe, that he attends the larger Head-Fi shows. So he may be gone by then, or packing up to leave.

    Either way, best to reach out early. Still wish I could make it. But we will pass you on I-95 going the other direction. - Charleston.
  6. Mshenay Contributor
    I actually already set up an appointment with his Wife for the 16th! But thank you for the chime in, I'm waiting to her back from Nichole to see if she can accommodate a larger group, though I think it's just us 2 for now.
  7. Howlin Fester
    Awesome. Drew and Nicole are great. I bought my Grado RS1, TH-900s, Sennheiser Momentums On ear (for my son) and Sennheister Momentum (over ear), and some cables , LOD connectors, and headphone connectors from Moon. Good people.
  8. Zadok
    Yeah. I got my Vmoda m80s from Drew almost 7 years ago. I also have a silver dragon cable for my LCD3. There is also audio advice about 15-20 minutes driving time from Moon audio that has a ton of headphones and even more speakers. They have always been nice to me, so if the appointment with moon falls through, that would be another cool place to check out.

    Does anyone have one of the music servers that I read about? As someone who grew up during the digital music age, I am having trouble figuring out why people have standalone DAPS that are going to be fed into a separate DAC and further into a separate amp. Digital signals are identical before the analog conversion phase occurs, so why pay big cash for a music server? An example of what I am talking about is the Cayin IDAP, which is part of their IDAC and IHA trio. People really seem to like these products, so if someone has one, I'd love to hear why and hear it at the meet.
  9. Mshenay Contributor
    Oh? I guess we could try to hit Carry Audio, Audio Advice and Moon Audio lol,

    From what I can guess the Network players help you connect a single music sever to multiple systems, you'll see a lot of the Stereo Guys love these things, they don't have a PC in their stereo room, rather it's some place else and they may be running Ethernet Cables to connect their PC or storage device to this device. From what I can see it has a GUI, and you can control it remotely. I also imagine much like the Schiit Etir improved the Digital output of my desktop system, this too will provide a dedicated play back interface/digital output for a system. All controlled with a remote , I believe that some of these devices even implement streaming so they have native support for Tidal/Deezer HiFi or whom ever else is doing lossless streaming, so again it's like a full size Interface that works with your existing physical storage... stuff

    One one hand yes a DAP does more or less the same thing, the N3 has blu tooth support, digital coaxial output ect... I can't say how much better the streaming desktop DAP are than the portable kind. I believe that @Afghan Vet feeds his Aeries digital coaxial out from a Fiio Player, and honestly the little player makes for a decent enough interface/storage medium, and his system at last years show was VERY impressive.

    Maybe this time next time I'll have more to chine in, but for now I think he might have more answers than I
  10. Afghan Vet
    I'll post a remark about this that hopefully may be somewhat useful. I'm glad demo material was brought up - we have this same thing with our car audio meets - lots of folks show up with no media to demo other's systems.....they don't bring CDs, thumb drives, or music on their phones. The car scene has expanded quite a bit in the last few years - it used to only be CDs, but now some cars don't have a CD player - so if you want to play familiar material to evaluate their system - you have to bring some other media.

    My main 'source' in the home rig is the AURALiC Aries connected via ethernet cable to my Synology NAS (with an 8TB storage capacity). That Aries is controlled by an app on the iPad or iPhone - very slick to be able to build playlists on the fly - and the sound quality is very good - able to play DSD to MP3. I have had challenges at about 1/2 of the meets I've attended getting the Aries to connect to the host WiFi so that the iDevice can connect to it. Much easier to bring the DAP.

    So, for the DAP - FiiO X5iii with 32 GB internal storage, and two 256 micro SD Cards - able to provide a variety of bit rates through coax to the DAC. I have all of the music sorted by Genre, and someone who would want to evaluate my DAC/amp, etc. can scroll through easily and find something that they are familiar with to evaluate the system. I need to also check to see if I can connect my iPhone to the Vega DAC. I'll also have a CD player with me.

    This is the FiiO in action at a recent micro-meet - very easy to connect through the coax input of the DAC and scroll through a wide variety of material.

  11. Mshenay Contributor
    Oh it has a iOS App! That is pretty cool. Certainly adds a lot of the value of such a product, I'm happy you were able to chime in
  12. Army-Firedawg
    Finally heard back from Beyerdynamic (still waiting on 2 others [1 new and one old]) and they are going to be sending some really great stuff (that'll be confirmed in the coming days).
  13. Mshenay Contributor
    aWESOME! I hope they have their T1 present
  14. Army-Firedawg
    The products I requested are:

    T1 2nd gen.
    Xelento Remote (I've a few comply memory foam tips is extra tips is an issue)
    A2 headphone amplifier
    DT 880
    DT880 Pro (to compare standard vs pro model)
    DT 770
    DT 770 Pro (to compare standard vs pro model)

    and he replied that he'll get them out to me along with some banners and brochures (my request) so I believe that's what's coming.
  15. dpump
    For Beyerdynamic it would be best to have the Amiron Home and the T1 2nd Gen before the 880 or 770. The Amiron Home retails for $599 and has a Tesla driver. Should probably be considered the baby brother to the T1. I think a lot of attendees would be more interested in the Amiron than most models in the Beyerdynamic line.
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