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Cardas Headphones Cable for Focal Utopia - 10 feet - for Ayre / Pono

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  1. thyname
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    This is a 10 feet cable for Utopia with dual 3.5mm TRS plugs for Ayre and Pono Player.

    The cable is made with a soft black cable covering because the Cardas cable is light blue and a little microphonic without the covering. Terminated by Dale of Venus Audio. The cable cover takes care of any of those issues.

    With dual Eidolic Rhodium 3.5mm TRS on the Amp end. Guaranteed to work with Ayre (It worked great with Ayre QX-5 and Codex), but it should work with other Amps that take dual 3.5 mm TRS in Balanced mode. Please check BEFORE you buy.

    Free shipping in CONUS and PayPal fees on me (at my asking price)

    374DB371-94DF-4C02-9C70-4B40501352D3.jpeg E59C2C13-9698-41E0-8ED0-6EA163FBAD20.jpeg 8E02A08E-D382-47CB-A9BB-8C41FF0FE782.jpeg 60408E7C-0BC7-478F-90A9-DAAF73A142AD.jpeg
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