Card with Coax Out and In/Good Line In
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Comrade Penguin

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Nov 11, 2005
After months of messing about with various bits I'm finally ready to sort out my PC's sound. The plan will be to hook it up to my Pink Triangle Da Capo for listening which would require a Coax out and then for recording either line in or digital in (Optical or Coax) and use the ADC in my MD deck. Preferably the Coax out would be an RCA plug so I can use my existing RCA to BNC interconnect. Budget is less than £100, preferably under £50. As you can tell I'm only worried out about the quality of the digital Ins and Outs unless it doesn't have an in, in which case my only concern is line in. So what good budget cards are avaliable in UK/Europe with these in mind?

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