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Nov 6, 2017
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Nov 6, 2017
The topic for discussing car hifi!

What gear you got in ur car (or installed in the past)?

Personally I haven't had anything hifi in my car for about 10 years so I'm having a blast getting back into it!

Here's what I'm installing & tuning atm:

Head unit: Alpine UTE-92BT
Amp: Kicx QS Gold Edition (4 channel amp) 1240 W / 4x 320 W RMS
FS/Woofers: Kicx pro (6.5") 180 W / 90 W RMS
Tweeters: Kicx pro
Subwoofer: 12" MDS Predator 2000 W / 500 W RMS

Kicx is an entirely new brand to me and it was highly recommended so I'm giving it a go.
The woofers I got are very loud super solid full range speakers and seem like they can take a lot of punishment power wise. Soon I'm going to rewire the speakers with proper thicker wires and install the tweeters and crossovers and then wire both woofers & tweeters to the new amp. The woofers are already very loud so I can just wonder what kinda SQ can be achieved here via amping with 10x their current power, especially with the crossovers in place. ^^

The MDS' new model sub was a good buy, it's a 4ohm dual voice coil sub with coil cooling feature.
I've hooked it up as 2 ohms to the kicx amp on single channel so it's getting about 600W/300W RMS I believe which is plenty enough for me, I think I can't ever burn this sub with my current setup.
The Predator is a very solid quality sub, it's installed in the trunk in a quite smallish premade (same brand) sub box. It's got an amazing sound that is probably superior in it's price range. I can feel the bass all over my back when driving and playing music but it's not too overpowering compared to rest of the setup which is how I like a car sound system. No distortion on any settings so far, just very clear and precise bass sound.

I might take some pictures later. I would like to hear about other head-fi fellas car audio projects. :sunglasses:
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