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  1. the wizard of oz
    Just scored a Mercedes-Benz S123 280TE (W) of 1983, which resembles this one a lot, although mine has customized three-section full chrome bumpers as on the C123's and the W123 280E :
    Yes, I know I said I wanted to acquire a coupé, but I kind of found more pseudo-reasonable justifications to owning an estate [​IMG] .
    Update: I seem to be on a roll and just snatched another S123 estate, a 1983 240TD, looking very much like this one, without the baroque Fuchs alloy rims but with towing hook:
    This one won't achieve 200km/h like the 280TE, but it will be a good workhorse and offer better mileage.
  2. Podster
    Well after 4 GTI's and a Cayman thrown in there my teenage sons and all their sporting activities have driven me to the dark side[​IMG] Love the ride but sure miss the performance[​IMG]
  3. MothAudio
    2009 MINI Cooper Hot Chocolate Clubman
  4. Gainastyle
    I have a 2012 VW golf blue motion diesel. Before that i had a 96 VW bus syncro, ****ty van.
    My golf is really nice to drive, has enough power for my use and some really good security systems. The anti-skid system is unbelievably good!
    It only uses 3.8l pr 100km also! Thats 62 miles per gallon. Which is good, cus diesel costs 1.7$ pr liter or 6.5$ pr gallon.
    As most here are americans, does your car beat that?
  5. Arty McGhee
    2016 juke sl
  6. C38368
    Most days, I romp around in a 2002 Chevy Tahoe that some past owner shoved some one-ton springs into.
    But other days, when I'm not feeling too lazy, I'll roll this baby out:
  7. DanPerezSax
    Yeeeeaaaahhhh boy! Hopefully copious burnouts ensue!
  8. C38368
    Haha, thanks :)
    Honestly though, not much of a burnout guy. It'll break the tires through third, but I try to keep them hooked as much as possible! I also don't have any kind of a line lock, so I can only keep it going so far anyway.
    Still... you'll hear a hard launch :wink:
  9. Podster

    Nice C3, my new place has no place to keep my baby so I keep her in Gramp's Barn these days but occasionally get to go for a spin[​IMG] ("58 Big Window, baby moons on 60's and 70's with zoomies under the steps, 327 looks like a toy under that big bonnet but will toast'em)[​IMG]
    C38368 likes this.
  10. C38368
    Thanks! Lovin' your truck. My wife things that we need a pickup (which we probably do). I'm trying to convince her that a late-50s Chevy with a Napco would be a good, err, investment :wink:
    I hear you about space, though! We live in a 1912 bungalow right now, which was originally built with a one-"car" garage, detached. Some time in the '50s, a second bay was added, but it's completely separate from the original. They both open into an alleyway behind the house, and to make matters worse, the local PUC put a power pole five feet off the corner of the garage. Getting out isn't too bad. Getting it back in goes something like this: drive in from the right side, turn right into the neighbor's parking space to clear the fence immediately opposite the garage door, start a backwards turn into the garage, stop halfway so that you don't hit the far wall, crank right and pull forward almost into the fence, crank left to get into the bay. THEN you have to back it all the way to the rear wall, get out, close the rolling door, and manually roll the car forward to within about an inch of the door. That will give you about twelve inches to open the access door and squeeze back out, into the backyard.
  11. Podster

    LOL, you sure want to park whatever you have with power steering in that one[​IMG] Happy St. Pat's, heading to the local pub for some green beer and bangers w/mash[​IMG]
  12. C38368
    Oh, yeah. No way that I'd get into this garage without power steering!
    Have fun mate, mind the crazies!
  13. SoundDouble
    Man, there are some nice rides on this site. Right now I have a 01 miata. It's a special edition so it came with bose sound system. I plan on yanking it that out though and bringing some audio love to it.

    Before that I had an '89 nissan 240sx which was my wallet emptier for a while.
  14. JamesCanada
    Not the best picture...
    I got myself an Audi SQ5, all blacked out.
    Nice engine, fun drive.
    Not as spacious as I would like with 2 young kids, but I can't complain! IMG_3763.JPG
  15. Thundereagle
    @JamesCanada Nice ride! A bit above my budget though ^^
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