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  1. bigx5murf
    Although I'm sure it can be done. Don't assume the brz would instantly have more under hood room than a miata. Using a boxer engine, set extremely low, means the brz could have less room vertically than a miata. The miata motor is also set back extremely far, which means it could have more room horizontally as well.
  2. VRacer-111

    LS motors fit in a FR-S/ BRZ like they were almost made for them... insanely cavernous room other than the hoodline with the front, where there is "enough" room. Basically any motor you can think of has already been put in a Twin...Lexus V8's which are larger than LS V8's fit as well...



    And 2JZ...no problem:


    Also there is a shop in the process of creating one with a builtup RB26 Skyline motor AND AWD system...no idea why, but they are...handling will be interesting/weird for sure, but a 1,000hp AWD sub-3,000lb car sounds interesting.
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  3. bigx5murf
    The same can be said for the miata chassis. Here it is with the same lexus v8, in an older generation, with less room horizontally.
    Then again, the miata has been around 4 generations, and has an aftermarket developed to the point where there's a number of off the shelf engine swap kits.You can buy nearly pnp kits to swap honda k20/k24, honda j32/j35 v6, older mustang v8s, LSx v8, and ford ecoboost. There's probably more, but those are just the ones I know of available today.
    The FRS/BRZ aftermarket grew amazingly quick. But at this point, I'm not sure it'll sustain, with an unsure future for the line.
  4. Xeculus


    Last edited: Apr 29, 2017
  5. Podster

    Awesome, this wass mine and obviously a few years earlier[​IMG] LOL
  6. slair76116
    Guys is there a forum for audiophile car audio setups? Or do you know any good car speakers something similar to kef ls50 monitors if there is such a car audio speakers. I have 17speaker system on my hyundai equus. 2014 model.
  7. Xeculus
    There's a shop in my area that does audio setups for cars. Audison and Hertz have very, very impressive systems.
  8. Blze001
    I'm jealous.
    I still can't even think about affording a Porsche, and I graduated in 2011!
  9. slair76116

    Thanks bud, I'll have a look see.
  10. DanPerezSax
    Me either, and I graduated in '05!  That life just isn't gonna happen for everyone, I think...
  11. Podster

    To be honest my first job did not take and then when repairs on the Cayman started I traded it in for a low note on a GTI and have been driving GTI's ever since. Still fun just a lot more affordable:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  12. DanPerezSax
    Haha I hear that.  They're great cars.  I bought my Genesis Coupe when I was working a full-time day job, and they promptly eliminated my position and closed my building months later lol.  I'm still slogging it out making payments while self-employed, though.  Love this car!
  13. pkcpga
    Sorry my wife got mad, I posted car pics with plates visible. Will repost when I take pics without visible plates.
    But my daily driver is a 2014 Mercedes Benz e550 sport, my wife's is a 2014 BMW 550ix, family wagon is 2016 Volvo XC90 t8 hybrid, new toy is 1971 Ferrari Dino(replaces a 2011 tesla roadster that set itself on fire, luckily it did this at a whole foods with no injuries but the car. My coworker not so lucky with his newer tesla sedan burning down his garage barn while charging. Talk about a product not ready for prime time.)
  14. Vigrith
    Good to see some love for the good ol Dino! Would love to see pictures of it, imgur allows you to edit out images nowadays so you can black out plates if you want.
    98 F355 Berlinetta, it's due for a new paint job but the terrible phone cam makes it look super pale.
  15. pkcpga
    That's awesome post a pic when you get it repainted.
    Here's mine from the side, bought it from auction fully restored.
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