1. slair76116
    My Darling
    2014 Hyundai Centennial also known as Equus in some parts of the world
    V8 5Litre 8 gears, Air suspension
    Lexicon 17 speaker surround speaker system
  2. bigx5murf
    Some cool rides I spotted on my recent Tokyo trip. I didn't even know there was an abarth version of the punto.
    Their version of Autozone is just incredible.
  3. delfine22
    From the back, looks like a mercedes.
    From the side, looks like a Lexus
  4. loxxrider
    Wow why can't our autozones be like that!
  5. bigx5murf
    Because they'd get robbed weekly lol
  6. Blze001
    I'd say it looks more like a BMW E60 and a Lexus S190 bumped uglies back in 2010.
    Just picked up a Neon SRT-4 last night. Puts down 300hp to the wheels. 
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  8. VRacer-111
    My current car, which is the first brand new car I have ever purchased (all others were used):


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    I love the look and stance of those cars, just wish they had a turbo model! 
  10. Planar_head
    That's a massive intercooler.
  11. VRacer-111

    It would be nice if they did bring out a special version with more power for those who want it. Personally though, I'm not a fan of turbo motors in my vehicles and if it had one I would have never even considered it. I don't think they will ever put a turbo in it from the factory due to them already having heat related issues with the stock motor that have yet to be solved. The reason I installed the hood vents is just daily driving in a hot climate is enough to deteriorate the ignition coils and throw engine check lights after a few years... The engine bay really needs to be vented on this car!

    I'm more a fan of the exotic small V8's...If cost and maintenance weren't an issue, this would be the kind of motor I would want in the car:

  12. MrMan
  13. DanPerezSax
    Lol what. Looks like a Turbo XS. Fairly low fin density but it's huge. It flows well and is good for more hp than most people will ever make. After some early issues with end tanks separating from the IC core, they fixed their QC, and by all accounts the quality is improved. Why is it junk?
    It's an AGP BFMIC, it serves a massive purpose :wink:
    You're just mad about your slow Chevy Cruze [​IMG]
    I wasn't aware of the heat related issues. There were rumors about an STI version at one point, it looks like they went the other way with those. 
  15. Blze001
    LSX swap. The answer for more power is always an LSX swap. [​IMG] 
    And if they can shoehorn one into a friggin Miata, you can probably fit one in a BRZ.

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