Car Audio Shop Ripped Me Off?
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I haven't gotten a chance to talk to them yet as I picked up the car at closing time and they are closed this entire holiday weekend.

Now that I've had time to think about it I'm a bit more cooled off. Still not happy though.

I'm going to drive up in our Audi A8L and tell them that if they fix up my escape I will give them some work on the A8L. I have a feeling they will make it right, they didn't seem like bad guys.

I realize that $300 may have been a low quote, but I didn't ask for cheap. I simply explained what I wanted (fiberglass and leather) and he quoted me $300. I didn't even haggle with him. I would have gladly paid more. I figured he was giving me a deal because my father was asking questions about having work done on a Quattroporte that he was thinking of buying and he wanted the business.

The way I see things is that it's squarely the shops fault - whether they low-quoted me, were too busy to fiberglass as promised, or just were lazy. They have to make it right or I will chargeback and release their names on the forums.

I have a feeling that this will be resolved amicably. If not, that's their loss. I want a car that highlights my equipment in a classy way. I mean, I have handmade JM Labs speakers in my car, I'd like them to be seen! I don't want black grill cloth obscuring them!

Here are some pics on a car audio forum (11th post)
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You seem adamant about using them again, so do what you suggested, take the A8L (I envy you BTW) and talk to them about doing the job right. I would go as far as telling them that if they honor the quote they gave as far as labor is concerned, that you will honor your end of the deal and give them the $300 (so, $40 more since you gave $260, right?). I would say that this gesture would show them that you are just wanting fair work done, as promised. If they are as good as you say, and if they want the opportunity to work on your Audi, they will oblige and get the job done.

If you get shot down again, go out guns blazing. I saw the pictures of the work they did on your car, and it doesn't look bad, nor does it look great. If you can get them to give you back another $60, or some big discounts on products (and then have some other store install it all), that would be acceptable in my book.

Keep us posted on what happens, I made some great friends at my local car audio dealer over 4 years, so I know how they run there business, and its the only reason I ever went there to begin with. Hopefully these guys can get what you are asking for done and redeem themselves.
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regardless of what you paid and what was done the business "should" do what they promised even if they found out later it would cost them more or they did not have to use it..they should of contacted you for approval before work continued.

I usually agree with pulling up in the A8L but your 18..first thought that on in their head is mom's and dads car used to show a bit. even if you dress the part your still 18..a kid (no offense..i wish i was 18 again.). and what are you going to say "i got this Escape at home.." and show them pics?

maybe if you have a girlfriend or somebody to drive the escape up and you pull in the Audi. say its her car and you wanted to surprise her or something..

wait no..forget that.. that's a lie.

i dont know what to tell you besides that install is worth the $260 you paid but its not great looking and wont last long (grills will get caught on something).

if your going to use the Audi then make sure you word it nicely. dont tell them if they fix your escape your going to use the shop to do the Audi..that rings of ******** and weakness..sounds desperate. instead tell them you were also going to do the Audi next and this was the shop you trusted enough to touch the Audi.
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Unrelated: Why must car manf's insist on using non-standard speaker sizes/shapes? They all sound like ass... they must know that.
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Looks like everyone has said what's needed to be said:


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