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Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback ARCHIVE' started by mazuki, Jan 6, 2008.
  1. Mazuki
    Andy wanted some caps and a new pot added to his Darkvoice 336. He was very prompt with both communication and payment. Great guy to deal with.
  2. Snicewicz
    Andy purchased an amp of mine and the entire transaction was nice and smooth. Communication and payment were both timely and I would not hesitate to do business with him again.

    Thank you!
  3. strangelove
    I sold Andy my new Musiland Monitor 02 USB DAC. Fast payment and great communication. Highly recommended.
  4. powerslave
    I bought Andy's Blue Circle Audio Thingee and couldn't be happier with the transaction. Andy shipped quickly and it arrived in fine shape and sounds fantastic. Thanks Andy!

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