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Can't stop eating donuts

  1. Spareribs
    Every morning for the past few weeks, I would stop by Dunkin Donuts and have a donut and an iced coffee. I gotta admit, donuts are kind of addictive. I need to reduce my consumption but I think it's just a phase I'm going through.

  2. Music Alchemist
    I ate donuts on a near-daily basis when I was a teenager. Now it's not often at all. (But not because I like them any less.)
  3. pureangus62
    I go nuts for donuts
  4. pbui44

    Is there a Krispy Kreme around you?
  5. Spareribs
    Yes. Krispy Kreme is easy to find. Occasionally I stop there too.
  6. pbui44

    Donut wars! :)
  7. Redcarmoose

    Switch to smoking, they found it healthy? That or MSG?
  8. Redcarmoose

    Switch to the new vitamin donuts, they gave me pep!
  9. Redcarmoose
    Have you tried the new cellophane on the kids yet?

    Quiets em right down, fast!
  10. wink
    I like the donut holes.....    good for my diet, and non-habit forming     [​IMG]   [​IMG]

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