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Can't make up my mind - first pair of "real" cans

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by themadride, Mar 22, 2013.
  1. themadride
    Please excuse my limited knowledge.  I may say some things wrong.
    I'm most concerned with balance and good tone across the full spectrum.  If I want extra of anything I can use an EQ.  
    I mostly listen to indie rock (Ryan Adams, etc), classic folk rock(Neil Young, Mark Knopfler), and some modern electronic rock (Foster the People, etc)
    But I also like classical piano and violin.
    I have a limited budget and need one good pair of over the ear cans.  I think I'm deciding between the following three:
    KRK- KNS-8400   (A little more $$$ than I wanted to spend)
    Phillips Uptown   (Concerned about crappy cord and too much bass?)
    Sennheiser HD280pro   (Good reviews if you go searching but I don't read many recommendations for them in forums like this)
    Are the KNS-8400s worth the extra money?
    I have big ears.  Are any of these going to be a problem?   I know the HD280s have big cups.
    Thanks for your opinions.
  2. soundstige
    KRK KNS 6400 are more tonally balanced than the 8400, which have a frequency spike around 9-11kHz. I would recommend starting with the 6400 first, as they're only around $70 used (sometimes even new). I had them for a long time and strongly recommend them for a balanced, flat signature and excellent build quality.
  3. Dafo
    If you're going for budget headphones go for Superlux. They have just released some new stuff and have a wide variety of models to choose from. I own the hd668b and it's a fine headphone. For more neutral sound maybe the new 681evo? Check it out.
  4. themadride
    I should have specified why I was choosing from the three I selected.
    I had narrowed it down to more than a half a dozen or so based on reviews and specs, but the three I listed above are all available used in the classifieds section of this site.
    At any rate, I jumped in and bought the Phillips Uptown based partially on reviews and partially on the great deal I think I got.
  5. simple flow
    Samson SR950
  6. themadride
    3 choices.   3 replies.   3 suggestions not in the choices.
    Gotta love the internet :D
  7. simple flow

    There are just so many phones out there. For starters what kind of music do you listen to? do you want portable or home use? open closed? etc.
  8. nick n
    He has already bought the Uptowns.
  9. themadride
    I was choosing specifically between the 3 options listed in the first post and my music was outlined there.  No big deal, I just pulled the trigger on the one that was the best deal.
  10. simple flow

    You gotta start somewhere [​IMG]
  11. themadride
    I picked up a pair of Senn ear buds on sale at newegg, these Uptowns, and an E11.  That is the extent of my setup.  And this thread is just about the extent of my experience. lol
    So, I'm going to dig in with the new gear and see what I can learn and develop and go from there.

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