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Can't get a good seal in my left ear anymore

  1. LostMySelf
    Noticed this like two weeks ago and no matter what eartip I use I can't get a good seal and the music sounds **** thanks to it. I use ear cleaners after showering every day so wax should not be an issue. Seriously what can I do? Go to an ear doctor and get them to clean the canal for me?
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    If they're over the ear IEMs try adjusting the earguide from scratch.
    I've also heard if you gain/loose lots of weight the ear canal/fit can change. I know what you mean, I have one IEM that fit my ear fine then totally random give me trouble on the left side.
  3. Themoigt
    Hi! I have the same problem with my Bgvp sgz dn1, i can't get a good seal on my right ear, the weird thing is that i get a good seal on the right ear if i put the left earbud.
    Sounds insane i know but if i put them correctly i get a good seal on the left only and if i swap them out i get the good seal in the righ side now. It is like the right earpiece just doesnt seal.
    Anyone knows why this is happening to me?
    Should i get a replacement?
  4. bflat
    It is not uncommon to use different size tips for left and right canals. Give that a try.
  5. Themoigt
    Thanks for replying, i´m new to this forum and i´m glad you replyed so soon.
    Well i´ve investigated and i think it is the headphone itself, when i put them on I hear a cracling sound (which i think it comes from the membrane being compresed by the air) only on my left earpiece, and if i blow on them (yeah i said blow) the air kinda comes out on the right earpiece but not on the left, so i think maybe they are cracked or the driver inside is wrong, i have no idea, it kinda bothers me cuz these are my first hybrid headphones and the sound is amazing.

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