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Can't find iems I like. (200ish gbp)

  1. al217739
    Never really found a pair of iems I loved since my ue tf 10 died.

    Recently had a83 set that died. They were OK, but lack that sparkling fun that tf10 had.

    Also just received a pair of dunu 2000j. These are instant returns. Techno music sounds good. But anything with vocals is not for me. It all sounds so compact and close. Never heard that before in an expensive pair of iems before. Is that soundstage?
    I thought I'd like them due to fast bass and sparkling treble. But the that claustrophobic sound kills it for me.

    So if anyone has any recommendations I'd be grateful!

    I love my d2000 cans I've had years if that' a help.
    Last edited: May 2, 2018
  2. buke9
    EchoBox Finder X1’s might do the trick.
  3. yong_shun
    Can have a try on Campfire Audio Orion or Fiio F9 Pro. These 2 models impressed me with their price :)
  4. serman005
    iBasso IT01 or an RHA T20 could work. Don't let the price of the IT01 deceive. It punches way above its price tag in performance.IMO, it is special. Maybe read about these and see what you think. It is possible one could work.
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  5. al217739
    I'll have to have a read of the recommendations.
    Doesn't seem to be much consistency so far! :D
    The killer for the dunu is that the sound felt like it was in my ear. Like a headphone. No other headphone I've owned sounds like this.
    Can someone explain what this is refered to as?
    Last edited: May 3, 2018
  6. Colors
    I'd like to recommend the 1More Quad Driver as it may have the sparkly treble you're looking for.
  7. al217739
    ah, i have heard of this one before.I will have a look at reviews.
    Its very hard, as i really thought i would like the dunu from reviews
  8. al217739
    From what i am reading, these arent treble rich?
    More of a balanced IEM
  9. Colors
    Ahh ok. I thought you meant you liked sparkle.

    For balance, try looking into the Campfire Comets. I find them very well balanced with good soundstage.
  10. al217739
    Yes i do like treble sparkle, the Dunu are a little harsh though - sibilance on certain tracks. Still it was the claustrophobic nature and no spacing that killed it for me.

    Im still looking
    im rather deterred at present, i thought i would at least like the dunu 2000j and hated them, doesnt bode well for my pinning down of a pair i like!

    Im tempted to try ue900s
    Last edited: May 15, 2018
  11. Grimbles
    +1 ue900s - they sometimes pop up on massdrop and (with import taxes) worked out at about £200. Pm me if you would think about 2nd hand.
  12. al217739
    sorry, i didnt see this messaage before ordering some.
    Trying something different just to see if i like them.
    If this fails the hunt will continue.

    I find it interesting how almost all reviews like this 2000J. the sound signature seems spot on, but the spatial element i just do not agree with most reviews
  13. serman005
    I believe the most common term for what you describe is an 'intimate' stage. In your case, it appears to be on the extreme end of the scale, i.e., essentially there is no real stage for you..
  14. al217739
    Received a pair of ue900s
    They are indeed to warm for me.
    Just a bit flat I suppose and I find the bass a bit boomy.
    The soundstage is much better but that's all.

    If I could combine both of them it would probably be nearer the 2000j.

    For me the 2000j is a little treble rich (bit of sibilance) but the ue900s is far too non existent,

    The bass is so different. The ue are boomier and the dunu fast.
    I prefer the dunu, but a little heavier would be great

    Prefer the ue, but more for the spatial aspect than sound

    Definitely prefer the ue.

    Unfortunately I therfore like neither.
    In fact something in between would be prefect

    I like sharp bass and over emphasis on treble but great soundstage and spatial aspects.

    Any ideas?
  15. serman005
    How did you evaluate the Comet, T10/T20, and the IT01--I don't think I ever saw your comments on these suggestions--?

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