Cansvs. UM2's?
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Dec 6, 2007
Hey guys! My only HIGH end audio equipment is the lovely UM2's. I only have a budget of $100. I listen to RnB, rap occassionlly and pop. (other genre's as well, I'm a pretty all around guy). I like the UM2's sound. However, I read a while ago that cans would get me better results than say an IEM would. Now can I spend $100 and get something thats better than my UM2's? I'll be running it unamped from a Sony A818 or my computer which has a Creative Soundblaster soundcard. My preferences would be a tendency to bit a bit bassy and ACTUALLY HAVING soundstage. Mid's and High's are great bit I'm not too concerned about them unless they shrill and distort like a banshee. I'll go to $120 MAX. Now to make it even harder, I can't shop online. So what do you guys think? Am I hopeless?

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