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Cans with exaggerated bass and highs, hollow midrange. Around 50 $.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cherepashka, Jul 21, 2007.
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  1. Gatticus
    Koss TD65 fit that description. For what they cost they sound quite ok with deep bass but they are a bit on the heavy side for comfort. Koss doesn't make that model now but they have TD85 for $49.99 and I expect they sound very similar.


  2. cherepashka
    Are k81 really have pronounced highs? I've briefly listened to them in store and thought they're refined k26p..
  3. holland
    Stock the highs are boosted, but not as much as the bass in proportion. Removing the inner foam pads will remove the filtering the pads do to tame and smoothen out the highs. Many people like it with the foam pads removed. I didn't at first, as I thought the treble was too pronounced, but I've grown accustomed to them as it opens up the upper-mids as well.

    Some of difference between the k81dj and the dt990 is that the k81dj is slightly rolled off in the upper extremities, whereas the dt990 is boosted significantly. I'm talking above 10KHz. The k81dj is also more forward in the lower highs (~2KHz - 4KHz). I'd say the mid-mids are about the same, with the K81DJ having a slightly bigger boost in the mid-bass and is more punchy. The DT990 have a broader curve in the low-range. The K81DJ is a narrower hump with the center frequency moved higher up the spectrum.
  4. Kahuna
    If your going there... V-Moda Bass Freq. [​IMG]



    Originally Posted by dissembled /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    CX300s too.

  5. incognitoedleon
    Panasonic RP-HTX7. A lot of people seem to find the mids recessed and the highs and lows extend very well for a sub $50 headphone.
  6. dissembled

    Originally Posted by Kahuna /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    If your going there... V-Moda Bass Freq. [​IMG]


    Super Fi5 & the Vmoda Bass Freq are identical twins.

    Who knew? [​IMG]

  7. grndslm
  8. qazwsx

    Originally Posted by cherepashka /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Guys...don't you think i'm able to find bassy cans?? Every second set of cheap phones are bassy. I need to find cans exaggerated both in highs and bass.
    Don't offer Hd 212, 202, 205, 485, 457, eh 150, k81dj, k26p, k27i etc...

    Out of those only the HD485 has both exaggerated bass and highs. The rest are just bassy.
  9. donunus
    If those cans are midrange driven to him, The 212s might have more bass but he might not like the senn sound signature after all. Do not recommend him a head fi approved product cause he won't like it. Maybe go to the mass market stores and let him try som 50 dollar headphones to see what he likes. I had 50 dollar JVCs before that would give me a headache because of too much bass. forget dt990s, those sound bass shy in comparison. were talkin boom truck bass here
  10. holland
    You also may be able to score an AKG K240S cheap on e-bay, used of course. I've never heard a HD485, so I can't compare.
  11. The Other Allen

    Originally Posted by holland /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    You also may be able to score an AKG K240S cheap on e-bay, used of course. I've never heard a HD485, so I can't compare.

    Also check the for sale section here. Got my pair of 240S for $65 shipped.
  12. donunus
    you guys are wasting your time. none of the headfi approved cans will work for him plus the fact that he already said not to include a bunch of headphones. About the post on the akg240s, they are balance more towards the upper bass and have a slightly sibilant treble but they are not even as thick in the midbass as the px100 or have as much sparkle as the hd201s so this is not what he is looking for
  13. holland
    Recommend an audiologist then? [​IMG]
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