Cans for W995 and MP3 newbie
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Headphoneus Supremus
Aug 1, 2006
OK, first question here. I have a new job with a long journey so thought I would get a music player, and I needed a new mobile, so Sony are the Walkman Kings right?, so this purchase made sense.

I need help choosing closed back cans for use with my 995 - was looking at 495 or 497s, I'm a Sennheiser and Stax fan and use HD600 and 2020 with X-Cans MK1 at home.

I have a reasonably good HIFI (LP12, Ikemi, Prologue 2, Rogers LS5/9 speakers) but am not expecting the spectacular sonics I get at home.

This is my first harddisc portable player (nothing made by Apple is allowed in my house, just can't stand them as a company) so I need some help getting music from my Vista PC to my 995 -

Can I transfer uncompressed WAV files? I want as little compression as possible?
Is Sony Media Go good software to use to do this? if not what should I use?

Is there a guide on the web that would help an idiot like me to do this?


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