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cans for metal, movies and gaming $100

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vanwazltoff, Dec 25, 2012.
  1. vanwazltoff
    I am not an audiophile but I am a massive technophile, so its finally time to get some new cans. I have never really experienced good cans before, for the past few years I have only had 2 pairs of Sony ear buds that cost around $30, they hold up a lot better than most ear buds I have used in the past. I have bought Bose ear buds before and I thought they were udder crap, they wouldnt stay in my ears, when they did they were ridiculously uncomfortable, they seemed to only have emphasis on bass and sounded muddy [I believe thats the best way to describe it]. I have used my Grandads Bose over ear headphones and I liked them more than I did the pair I bought but still didnt care for them all that much. Bose seem bass heavy, slightly muddy and dont have clear highs, at least thats how I perceive them. I have never own 'cans' [guessing that means over or on the ear]
    My usage scenarios are typically indoors either by myself or with family or friends so whether the headphones are open or not do not matter. I typically watch movies and TV shows the most. I am also a computer gamer and play a lot of FPS games. I have a 3 screen gaming rig so I have for a visual surround experience, I dont really care for surround sound and the speaker system I used is a heavily modified iPod speaker doc. I ripped it out of its original enclosure put it in a Radio Shack project box and soldered some leads to 2 Sony surround speakers, sounds way better than the original doc. For both of these scenarios I believe open cans would be best, also I can take them off and still use them around my neck or on the table and still have sound which is an added bonus for productivitys sake.
    Obviously I like to modify things so something that is simple and easy to mod with interior room to mod would be a big plus for me. I would probably end up putting a detachable mic on it someday or make a detachable cable for custom cable lengths and what not.
    Lastly is my music profile and EQ settings. I mainly listen to metal and other sub-genres of metal. My taste in music Is purely instrumental with a focus on guitars and drums. I also occasionally listen to vocals, but not that often and when I do its typically a female singer. My EQ is high highs, med-low mids, med-high lows. I dont want that bass overkill that seems overly popular these days. Treble is much more important to me and I want clear crisp tones for my highs. I dont want that muddy feel either.
    Also I would prefer something that is aesthicly pleasing if at all possible and at least the color black with either white or red accents to go with most of my equipment, not some random ugly color
  2. Supertoaster
    Grado SR80i.
    Perfect for you. They even have a huge modding community if you want to do some tinkering.
  3. vanwazltoff
    I was strongly thinking that, or the SR60i, but I think I would pony up the extra $20
  4. Supertoaster
    SR80i is more refined sounding, I THINK the SR60i has more comfy pads though.
  5. vanwazltoff
    i thought they were so similar that they had the same pads
  6. Supertoaster
    I think they are similar but the SR80i are a little different, I can't remember how.
  7. Biscuitz
    For your needs, I'd definitely recommend Grado SR60i or SR80i.
    SR60i and SR80i sound nearly identical, except the SR80i has slightly more bass and a pinch extra treble energy. Whichever you get, I recommend buying the L-Cush pads, as they will add greater clarity to the sound and will tighten up the bass. SR60i with L-Cush sounds a tad more mid-centric than the SR80i with L-Cush, which I personally liked for metal. SR80i with L-Cush sounds a bit more dynamic, but also slightly less smooth. SR60i is more refined sounding from my experience.
  8. Supertoaster
    really? I thought the SR80i was more refined.
  9. Biscuitz
    It's possible the ones you heard were more refined. There seems to be production variation among the Prestige Series Grados. That meaning one pair of SR60i's might sound harsh and another might sound refined. Same with SR80i. I've heard 2 different pairs of SR225i's personally, and one had way more bass than the other.

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