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Canlanta 2016

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  1. MattTCG
    Canlanta 2016:
    It’s been about three years now since we had a proper headphone meet in the Atlanta area, so mark your calendars folks because the next event is now official. The primary sponsor of this event the Audio Video Club of Atlanta. 
    May 21st, 2016 9:00am-6:00pm
    Marriott Century Center
    2000 Century Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30345
    Admission: $5 to cover cost of the venue 
    Travel and hotel discounts:
    There will be a limited number of discounted rooms available at a price of $109. Currently the number of rooms at the accommodation price is capped at ten. If this fills up we have the option of negotiating additional rooms at the special rate. If you plan to stay at the hotel please pm me so that I can keep a running count.
    Vendors: (if there are any vendors not on the list who would like contact me via pm (matttcg)
    1. Beezar Audio
    2. ECP Audio
    3. HeadAmp
    4. Matrix Audio
    5. Mr. Speakers
    6. Violectric
    7. Noble
    8. Empire Ears
    9. HeadphoneAudiophile.com
    10. Sight + Sound Gallery
    11. Oppo Digital
    12. Questyle Audio
    13. Meze Audio
    14. Kimber Kable
    15. Audiophile Import Specialists
    16. Sennheiser
    17. ampsandsound
    18. Cavalli Audio
    19. E-MU Systems
    The vendor list is growing quickly. I will hold off on the list until we have the confirmations.
    Vendor registration link: http://www.a-vcoa.org/content.aspx?page_id=87&club_id=290418&item_id=498414
    Special Guest Speaker:
    We are happy to announce that Tyll Hertsens will be giving a series of talks during the meet. Come meet the Grandpapa of headphonedom. 
    Although there will be plenty of vendors at the meet, we encourage attendees to bring their own gear. Tables and access to power outlets will be provided. Feel free to show up without any gear if you’d just like to join in for a day to check out new gear and talk with other members and vendors about the hobby. The event is free of charge to individuals.
    Please keep in mind that you always want to treat equipment belonging to others with respect and care as if it were yours and you paid lot's of money for it. If you are unsure about how to use something, always ask. Never relocate any equipment from someone’s table without their express permission.
    Please post in this thread if you are planning to attend and list the equipment that you’ll be bringing and I’ll compile and list to add to the beginning of the thread.
    The ballroom will be available for setup purposes early Saturday morning, 7:00 am, for vendors and attendees to setup their gear.
    Parking is available at the hotel and is free. Please be sure to always keep expensive equipment secure. Please do not leave expensive equipment locked in your car.
    Get Social:
    Please spread the word about this meet and let’s make this a great event for everyone.
    Check it out on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/CanLanta2016/
    Food: You’ll be on your own for lunch but there are plenty of places to eat within a few miles of the event. As always, please do not bring food or drink near anyone’s equipment.
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  2. MattTCG
  3. Wildcatsare1
    Reservations made, oh and subbed...
  4. Tyll Hertsens Contributor
    Woot!  Looking forward to it.
    And the grits and gravy!
    fjrabon, jmsaxon69 and Ethan Groover like this.
  5. Theogenes
    AWESOME!!!! The original Canlanta was my first meet, and it was a spectacular success IMO... I spent much of the next 2 years buying and selling and generally rebuilding my entire setup based on what I heard there. VERY excited that there will be another one, and I will do my damnedest to attend!!
    How exactly did you get roped into this, Matt?? :wink:
  6. shotgunshane Contributor
    Great news. I will definitely make plans to come!
  7. MattTCG
  8. MattTCG
    And so it begins...
  9. fjrabon
    Super stoked!  
    A bevy of vendors should also be joining the list in the next couple of weeks now that we officially have the hotel booked.
  10. urbino
    Can't commit just yet, but keeping my eye on it.
  11. RUMAY408
    Keeping the Southeast alive in HP's, Matt you are the man, I'll start making plans to attend!!!
  12. DougD
    Well this is a great surprise. I put it on my calendar and hope to attend.
  13. kaye23
    I swear I'll be able to make it to this meet unlike the mini-meet in January. Thanks for the link to this thread fjrabon.
  14. shotgunshane Contributor
    If all goes as planned, I'll be bringing demos of most of the Perfect Seal custom iem lineup.
  15. MattTCG
    Nice!! Look forward to meeting you. 
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