"CanJoin #1" The first Headphones Meeting & Exhibition in Thailand (17-20 March 2011)

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  1. chimgimmick
    Many thanks to Mr. Munkong  for invite me to this conjoin and for the happy time in this exhibition.
  2. revolink24
    Holy cow, that's a lot of AMAZING gear! *drool*
  3. Bigrock2150
    Wow! What a great looking meet. Tons of happy people having a good time!
  4. kiertijai
    wow... looks like everything outside of a sr-omega and a green l3k!!!!

    In fact there was the L3000 but not the green one, 
    We promise SR Omega next meeting with SR009 l3000.jpg  
    Cheers to Munkong and teams
    It was a lot of fun, just hope there will be another one soon

  5. kiertijai
    Here is the picture of the SR Omega that will be in the next meeting with Woo Wes + Esoteric 
  6. kiertijai
    Another view of SR Omega SROmega8.jpg
  7. munkong


    Hey Chim!
    Welcome to this thread :D
    see you again in CanJoin 2
  8. bento
    This is actually the 1st greatest Headphones Meeting in Thailand.
    Everyone seem to be very happy and entertain, with a tons of cool headphones, players and amps!!! Great Experience.
    Appreciated for Great Support and Working so hard to made this happens, Hia ("Brother" in Thai) Munkong, Uncle Kiertijai and ALLLL Head-Fier members in Thailand.   ^/\^
    ALL THE BEST....!!!
    Fabulous ! 
    Many thanks for the pics [​IMG]
  10. kiertijai
    Another look at the Qualia,  I think it is one of the most beautiful headphone and photogenic
    Many head-fier on the blog "the most beautiful headphones..." agree on this one qualia6.jpg
  11. fatcat28037 Contributor
    What an awesome event, congratulations to the organizers and to the attendees, you're a bunch of lucky ducks!
  12. n3rdling
    Nice :)
  13. WhiteHayabusa
    I've attended to the event on this past Saturday ,Mar 19th. I'm really happy and feel lucky that having the chance to join, because this is the big first step of gadgets & headphones event in Thailand. Thanks so much to all staffs, especially Mr.Munkong from Munkong gadgets  and Mr. Sumeth from Pantip gadgets. See you next year :)
  14. PhaedrusX
    what an amazing collection of gear.
    for those of us outside the US, it's really nice to see another country host an event of this magnitude.
  15. Todz
    Thanks Bro.It was a great experienced for me.[​IMG]
    Z  U next CanJoin #2.[​IMG]
    Love U munkong societies.
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