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CanJam SoCal food talk thread

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  1. NovaFlyer
    Really appreciate you taking that risk in order to ensure our safety
    Watagump likes this.
  2. Watagump

    I suffer so others will not.
  3. Matthew420
    Make sure to bring emergency insulin just in case.
  4. Watagump

    I have to order the Twizzlers, they quit having them in stock, so that's a good thing. With 2 day pickup, I can order those and get them just before the show, that's when I will also get the extra York's.
  5. Zachik
    If you're referring to In & Out - no! Far from it.
    I truly do NOT understand people who rave about it...

    Seriously people - I LOVE burgers, but the In & Out is a small step above MacDonald :|
    The Counter that wata mentioned earlier is SO MUCH better (for example).
  6. Matthew420
    No, I mean the burger that the skinny guy in the “Before” picture is holding.
  7. Zachik
    Phew! OK - I stand corrected :)
  8. Watagump
    The Counter is right down the street from the hotel, its closer than In N Out, so if people want to hit that up Friday we can. My plan is to cruise over to the hotel around 4, I don't actually have any set times yet with anyone for dinner, so we can still get it all worked out for those getting there on Friday and want to do something.
  9. joe Administrator
    Didn’t we hit the Counter in NYC?
  10. Watagump
  11. AxelCloris Administrator
    They did indeed have excellent burgers. That was a damned tasty meal.
    Zachik likes this.
  12. Watagump

    The company wasn't bad either, but dammit, I wanted a Root beer.
    AxelCloris likes this.
  13. MadDane
    Mmmmm. Burgers.
  14. Sebastien Chiu
    Any updates on set plans yet y'all? I assume this is going to be Friday night to kick off the show?

    DM @mangus and I when we get chow and time set up! I will keep an eye on the thread tho.

    I'm a #noob to Canjam comparabley so figured this would be a great way to kick off my second ever show! I'm down for korean bbq, burgers, whatever...ALL of it!
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  15. Watagump

    I am down for dinner Friday, Saturday and Sunday, even down for going for pool or drinks or both Friday and Saturday. Nothing is set as of now, next week I will give more info so we can coordinate.
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