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CanJam SoCal food talk thread

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  1. Watagump

    Thats the last time I was there. :smile:
  2. kdphan
    Surprised nobody has mentioned korean bbq

    There are a few things I miss about LA, and KBBQ is one of those things.
  3. singleended5863
    KBBQ takes too much time. Better save time for headfi gears. :wink:
  4. Zachik
    Not an issue if you go there for dinner, after show closes for the day...
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  5. Watagump
    I picked up a basket for candy today, when I get the chocolates from Costco, I am going to count the Yorks, if its only 6 like the last bag, I am going to buy a small bag of those so there are plenty. Wata wants to continue his dominance in the booth candy game.
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  6. kdphan
    It's well worth the time grilling, drinking and chatting (or BSing) with other head-fiers
  7. singleended5863
    Agreed. See all of you there.
  8. Watagump
  9. MadDane
    :L3000: :beerchug:
  10. Sebastien Chiu
    I'm so down for all of this because FOOD.
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  11. TSAVAlan
    But I did!

    At CanJam SoCal two years ago, KBBQ was organized for few of us exhibitors but still ended up being like 20~ people. Divided up to a few people to a few different tables. One table had all newbies to KBBQ, asked one of them how was it afterwards and he said, "It was alright, little burnt." Meanwhile our table had a few of us who has KBBQ on the regular. And my boss at the time with his native Korean wife. Our experience was a little better...
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  12. Matthew420
    I’ve gotten so used to ubiquitous Asian food, I pretty much forgot that Korean BBQ is actually rare outside LA and a few other big cities.
  13. Watagump
    I went to a place once where we cooked our own food, I hated it. One of the worst dining experiences of my life, it was The Melting Pot in Irvine. All 3 of us hated the entire thing.
  14. kdphan
    Melting pot

  15. kdphan
    Oops did not see that

    I’m there with family for the weekend. Would love to meet up with some head-fiers for bbq
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