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CanJam SoCal 2019 (June 22-23, 2019)

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  1. Watagump

    I wont hold that against you. I know you are just coming for the candy and maybe BBQ.
  2. Zachik
    Damn! Cannot believe my secret plan has been revealed to the world :angry:
  3. DecentLevi
    Well I may be a stickler for reads that are more on point and informative, just my preferences anyway... and not being too much of a foodie it takes a bit extra time to comb through the food related posts here. Maybe I should get checked to make sure I'm not an 'audiophile'-ivore :o2smile:

    Anyway folks many of you may remember me from years' past at CanJam SoCal and the several local Bay Area meets I put together. I'd like to make a shout out to @warrenpchi , @third_eye , @jude , @baronkatz , @jazzfan , @Soundsgoodtome and @moedawg140 to name a few. I've been traveling the last two years so I'm looking forward to finally meeting you all again! :beerchug:
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
    moedawg140 likes this.
  4. moedawg140 Contributor
    Hey! Hope all is well with you - see you in a couple of weeks! :ksc75smile:
  5. boblauer
    Hey Maurice if there Saturday stop by registration desk and say hello, long time my friend, hope all is well.
    moedawg140 likes this.
  6. Watagump
    Update on gear and show specials. Noble will be offering the usual discount of 20% off all universals and 15% off a custom Encore or Katana. There will also be 10% off all Chord gear, the Dave, Hugo TT2 and even the M scaler will be displayed.
  7. jwbrent
    Definitely going to give the Khan a listen ...
    Watagump likes this.
  8. Watagump

    I look forward to meeting you and everyone else.
  9. Jalo
    Is the Khan included in the 20% group?
  10. Watagump

    We have also had them in stock at the show, so after you listen to them and start drooling. You can buy them and take your own home and drool on those. Not sure if drooling is covered under warranty though. :stuck_out_tongue:
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
  11. DrunkSaru
    So what kind of setup/gear are you all bringing for reference comparison?
  12. jwbrent
    Too tempting ...
  13. ThiccSound
    Hello everyone, sorry to interrupt the conversation!
    This will be my first CanJam ever and I have a couple of questions.
    I would very much appreciate anyone who could answer some of these :L3000:

    1. Will there be food within walking distance?
    2. Are we allowed to exit and re-enter the event?
    3. Do vendors sell items on the event floor?
    4. Can attendees sell some of their own audio gear at the event?
    5. What is the overall mood/vibe of the event?
    6. How/Where can we figure out about vendor sales and special offers?

    That's about all I can think about at the moment, I can't wait to go and possibly meet some new people! :gs1000smile:
    Thanks again.
  14. Watagump

    1: Its a hotel, plenty of food, and some places near by.
    2: Yes, come and go as you please, you will have a wrist band.
    3: Items for sale depend on the booth, so yes and no.
    4: If you want to sell something to someone, talk it over,but there isn't a come buy my stuff area.
    5: Its a great vibe, fun gathering and plenty of stuff to test.
    6: Ethan usually posts specials once he has them.
  15. NovaFlyer
    Looking forward to hearing the Chord gear.

    I'll bring my SP1KM, Empire Ears Phantoms, and Campfire Audio Solaris.

    @ThiccSound If you need something quick to eat, just stop by the Noble booth since @Watagump will have a mountain of Twizzlers. :ksc75smile:
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